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Amplify your reporting capabilities with this award-winning fleet solution

Amplify your reporting capabilities with this award-winning fleet solution

Telematics is a proven method for fleet managers to reduce fuel expenditure and cut carbon emissions but what if there was a solution that also included extra fleet performance technologies? A solution that stitches together scheduling and route optimisation, driver behaviour, vehicle health and vehicle cameras that can either monitor the driver or the road.

Trakm8 SWIFT is a single-source telematics solution which recently won Transport Technology of the Year Award at the National Technology Awards 2017. By combining driver behaviour monitoring, location data, with vehicle health alerts and cameras, transport operators can now effectively address a range of challenges from reducing fuel expenditure and remaining DVSA-compliant to managing accidents and reducing the risk of breakdowns.

SWIFT provides reports on how efficiently and safely vehicles are driven, which has a direct effect on the amount of fuel used and the probability of being involved in an accident. The driver behaviour algorithm considers factors such as speeding, idling, harsh acceleration, late braking and sharp cornering to create a score out of 100 for each journey. Managers can then encourage drivers to change certain behaviours. Along with reducing accident risk and vehicle wear and tear, improved driving can cut fuel spend by up to 15%.

By installing Trakm8’s RoadHawk cameras, fleet managers can choose to view what is happening inside the cab as well as in front of the vehicle and gain better understanding of how their drivers behave behind the wheel. Trakm8 have begun to use in-cab driver behaviour images to improve the algorithms that measure risk.

Additionally, if the device detects an impact or near miss, it automatically alerts the fleet manager, who can immediately view the footage to understand the causes behind the crash. It ensures that fleets have vital video evidence of collisions for court cases or insurance claims.

As well as providing locational and drive behaviour data, the telematics unit connects to the vehicle’s CAN-bus system and constantly runs checks for potential problems. In this way, it predicts vehicle faults before they happen, helping to prevent breakdowns from occurring.

Flat and faulty batteries are the primary cause of vehicle breakdowns so SWIFT also includes a highly accurate battery health algorithm, providing real-time data on vehicle battery performance.

SWIFT’s route optimisation and scheduling tool enables fleet managers input all their requirements, including delivery addresses, contact details, vehicle types and capacity, driver working hours, and customer-specified delivery windows. The system’s powerful algorithms calculate the best way to complete the jobs using the least number of vehicles, while also achieving the lowest cumulative mileage and the most fuel-efficient route for each driver.

Drivers access their schedules via a mobile app or in-cab navigation solution – but only after they confirm completion of the vehicle’s relevant DVSA safety checklists. The app integrates with Google Maps to facilitate accurate navigation to each delivery address.

An additional capability is electronic proof of delivery (ePOD), which gives fleet managers real-time data on signature collection along with photographic proof of a delivery attempt in instances where goods are undeliverable. Fleet managers can view the day’s tasks on a Gantt chart or on a live map. This means they can keep track of delivery status and inform customers should their expected delivery time change.

SWIFT’s reporting functions provide analysis on fuel cost, mileage, carbon footprint, delivery time, resources, and jobs, plus monitoring overall fleet operational costs. Additional features for specific businesses include tachograph analysis, trailer tracking, plant and machinery tracking, and crash detection.

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