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Bad drivers spend an extra £560 a year on fuel every year

Bad drivers spend an extra £560 a year on fuel every year

Poor driving styles are leaving drivers £560 out of pocket every year, according to new research from Direct Line. The leading insurer has discovered that smooth driving reduces the average number of petrol station visits from 20 a year to just 12, knocking 40% off the average annual fuel bill.

Direct Line has analysed over 319,000 journeys from 2,000 customers using its telematics product, DrivePlus. Drive Plus customers use a black box device in their vehicle to monitors driving styles such as acceleration, braking, speeding and cornering and then rewards drivers for safe driving when they come to renew their policy.

Good driving styles not only reduce the chance of an accident and therefore, a claim, but also have a significant effect on fuel economy. DrivePlus customers are scored between 1 and 10, depending on how safely or fuel efficiently they drive. Direct Line found that drivers who score between 1 and 2 travel an average of 412.6 miles before needing to fill up again whereas those who have a driver score of 9 and 10 will travel, in stark contrast, 692.9 miles from their last visit to the pumps.

Drivers who score between 1 and 2 spend an average of £1,398.53 on fuel every year, in comparison to the £836.75 spent by drivers in the 9-10 category.

Last week, research from the RAC discovered that fuel prices are now at their highest for the last 18 months, with the average price of filling a 55-litre family car increasing by £1.60 between November and December 2016. Rising fuel prices now mean there is no better time to take the steps to drive more economically.

Find out more about Direct Line DrivePlus here.

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