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Better safe than sorry this winter. Invest in a dash cam

Why investing in road safety is worth every penny

With winter just around the corner, the UK’s fleet industry is gearing up for the hazardous driving conditions that come along with it.

The wet, icy and potentially snowy conditions are guaranteed to play host to skid risks, visual impairments and high winds, therefore it comes as no surprise that fleets will see a spike in accident rates. Braking distances can be increased considerably with wintery conditions and according to Kia, 48% of accidents that occur during the winter are due to skidding.

Having a dash cam doesn’t protect drivers from what Mother Nature has to throw at them but it does protect them if the motorist in front of them decides to abruptly slam the anchors causing a collision.

In the unfortunate event of an accident, the footage captured by a dash cam can be used to mitigate any false claims and can make a considerable difference in how an insurance claim is handled. With this said, it is important that fleet vehicles are equipped with a camera that not only captures the incident in full but also with a camera that can provide an outstanding amount of detail. With RoadHawk dash cams, the sheer quality of the footage obtained is of evidential standard meaning it can be used in a court of law.

The ability or training of your drivers this winter may mean that one of your vehicles is less likely to cause an accident but it doesn’t guarantee that you won’t be the victim of one. This is why it is always worthwhile having the video footage that could potentially save you thousands of pounds.

In addition to providing superb quality footage, RoadHawk cameras are also able to provide detail such as GPS, G-Force data and audio. All this information can be combined with telematics data in order to provide a complete reconstruction of an accident as the cameras are integrable with Trakm8’s telematics units.

Whatever you do this winter, stay safe, stay slow, and stay covered.

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