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Big data has an exciting new role in breakdown recovery

Big data has an exciting new role in breakdown recovery

Big data is now speeding up the vehicle recovery process and even preventing breakdowns before they happen.

The AA and Trakm8 have recently partnered up to create the pioneering Fleet Intelligence product to help the AA’s business customers in reducing costs and improving the service offered to them by the vehicle recovery company.

Fleet Intelligence uses the AA’s expertise in breakdown recovery and Trakm8’s data surrounding vehicle location and diagnostic trouble codes produced by the engine. In the event of a breakdown, the AA’s business customers will be greeted by a member of their Recovery Patrol who knows the vehicle’s exact location along with an idea of what has caused the breakdown to occur.

Battery failure is the most common reason for breakdowns in light commercial vehicles so Trakm8 measures battery voltage through an algorithm that predicts likely battery deterioration. This means that fleets can tell if their batteries may need replacing before experiencing costly periods of downtime.

In addition to preventing battery failures, Fleet Intelligence also makes the breakdown recovery process even more efficient. The product combines the AA’s and Trakm8’s expertise to identify breakdown scenarios and the causes behind them. Trakm8 uses big data to identify patterns within trouble codes by specific manufacturers and models in conjunction with the patterns the AA sees within breakdown scenarios. As AA engineers will be able to see diagnostic trouble codes before reaching the vehicle, they will be able to determine whether the problem can be addressed at the roadside or whether a recovery truck will be needed. This will allow problems to be resolved quickly, meaning that fleet vehicles are back in action faster than ever before.

AA Fleet Intelligence uses a small self-fit device, which bypasses the need for costly and lengthy installation processes. This device not only captures the health of a vehicle but is also capable of reducing fuel consumption, private mileage and positively affecting carbon footprint. By monitoring driver behaviour, fleets are able to reduce their fuel spend by 10-15%.

Business customers will receive a product that is tailored to meet their specific business requirements. This can also include other elements of Trakm8’s varied portfolio, from RoadHawk dash cams to Route Monkey optimisation algorithms.

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