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Fleet Management - Covering all bases at once

Fleet Management - Covering all bases at once

As the old saying goes, a good workman never blames his tools. The job of a fleet manager, however, is an exception to this cliché. Effective fleet management requires a complex web of skills but reducing overall transport costs, increasing safety and improving productivity is also largely dependent on the quality of tools available to do the job.

In the current climate, fleet managers are required to invest in many different services and technologies which simplify or automate operations. Fuel cards, vehicle tracking, dashboard cameras, risk management solutions; you name it. As useful as all of these services are, each comes with its own unique software or web portal, potentially causing a different kind of headache when it comes to managing and accessing all of the information easily, not to mention a mountain of admin presented to fleet managers by procurement through various suppliers.

At Trakm8, we have combined a multitude of fleet management solutions, with all data and insights available through a single system. Our web portal enables you to track your vehicles in real time, create reports and gain a better understanding of your fleet and its drivers. Intelligent algorithms calculate driver scores based on real-world events and driving styles. They also keep you up to speed with any vehicle health problems that could lead to downtime, enabling any required maintenance work to be scheduled with minimal disruption to your fleet operations.

As well as providing telematics solutions like tracking, driver behaviour and vehicle health, our system also allows fleet managers to integrate vehicle tachograph data into their web portal. This removes the hassle of downloading vehicle head data - and through accessing information on drivers hours remotely, your planning can be vastly improved.

Users of the Trakm8 system can also benefit from route scheduling and optimisation. Our algorithms can be merged with existing invoicing software in order to calculate the most efficient schedule for deliveries as orders are placed, in real time. In this way, our technology also ensures that fulfilment is achieved in the lowest cumulative mileage and with the most efficient vehicle utilisation. When combined with telematics, it enables fleet managers to compare planned versus actual mileage and to ensure that your drivers are sticking to the cost-saving routes provided.

We also offer a range of vehicle camera solutions, including an integrated telematics camera which, when launched, will enable video footage to be accessed via the web portal alongside telematics data. The web portal will allow live streaming for the spot-checking of drivers and also host historic video footage to accompany telematics data.

By exploring each of our customers’ challenges, we are able to build a bespoke platform and highly powerful fleet management tool. Our single-source solution eliminates the time-consuming challenge of service procurement and offers a cost-effective solution in comparison to securing fleet products individually.

To discuss the benefits that our fleet management solutions can bring to your fleet, complete the form below or call us on +44 (0) 330 311 5157.

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