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Goodbye manual tacho data collection, hello real-time downloads

Goodbye manual tacho data collection, hello real-time downloads

As a HGV operator, you will be no stranger to compliance horror stories about lost O-licences, corporate manslaughter and severe injuries as a result of negligent processes. With the stakes so high, you require a totally different fleet management solution to those in the car and LCV space. The main difference is your duty to collect and monitor tachograph downloads and ensuring your trucks and drivers are compliant with the Working Time Directive, as well as various UK and EU legislation.

Your O-Licence is the single most important part of your business and as with most licences; they are much easier to lose than they are to gain. Because of this, it is important that you have the right tools to stay compliant.

Finding a solution that allows remote tacho download isn’t difficult but finding a solution that combines remote tacho downloads, vehicle tracking, driver behaviour, cameras and routing, is a totally different ball game. Let us introduce you to our intuitive single-source solution specifically for HGV operators.

Safety, the reporting of driver hours and vehicle data come together in one user-friendly reporting suite, enabling you to improve productivity, to reduce costs and most importantly to give you the confidence that your fleet and drivers remain compliant at all times.

The tacho solution you can trust

We partner with leading tacho software supplier, TruTac, and were the first telematics company to seamlessly integrate their reports into our telematics portal. The remote download of vehicle head and driver data removes all of the time and hassle of completing walk-arounds to physically obtain tacho data. Having daily access to driver card data means drivers are not required to return to base, allows you to improve planning with up-to-date information on remaining driver hours – even when they are still out on the road.

Seamless integration

Our tacho reporting combines with our market leading telematics data which offers driver behaviour monitoring, real-time GPS tracking, crash reporting, geofencing, advanced vehicle health reporting and more – allowing you to pick and mix the perfect bespoke reporting system for your business. It also integrates with our route optimisation and scheduling algorithms, which can be built into your current invoicing system to calculate the most efficient schedule and fuel efficient routes, while utilising you’re your assets to their full potential. Even better, it can all be integrated with your current ePOD systems, meaning all data is accessible through a single portal.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today for a free consultation. Simply fill in the quick form below, call our sales team, or register your interest via LinkedIn. Happy trucking!

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