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Lack of healthy food is biggest frustration for truck drivers

Lack of healthy food is biggest frustration for truck drivers

People have associated Truck Drivers with service station fry ups and unhealthy on the go snacks for years. However, recent research conducted by RAC Truck Rescue found that HGV drivers from 4 in 10 businesses actually long for heathy options. The study among 500 UK businesses looked at what drivers list as their top go to roadside snacks and discovered that lorry drivers are in fact more health conscious than company car drivers.

Attempting to find healthy, wholesome food when out on the UK roads can be a challenge and has been said to be one of the biggest frustrations facing commercial drivers, with 41% of firms saying lorry drivers in particular have reported this. The lack of healthy alternatives has been ranked above other issues on the road as more frustrating. These include using mobile phones (40%), poor standard of overnight facilities (39%) and middle lane ‘hoggers’ (34%).

A spokesman for RAC Truck Rescue, Matt Dallaway commented saying “Of course we recognise that service station facilities are always improving and more and more food outlets are opening up for drivers, but there is clearly still more that can be done. The haulage sector industry has struggled with concerns over the health of its workforce, so it’s really encouraging to see this shift in attitude, but the facilities need to be there to cater for those looking for a healthy option.”

This has said to be a positive sign for truck drivers especially considering other past research carried out by Morrison’s has found that one in three truckers (28%) were either obese or morbidly obese compared with the national average of a fifth (22%) Resulting in having a vaster range of healthy eats available at service stations can only benefit Lorry drivers and their heath.

This research followed the Transport Focus report ‘Take a break’ which showed the basic needs of truck drivers are not being met. The campaign group, which called for action to be taken to improve roadside facilities, will work with the Government and Highways England to address the issues highlighted.

Dallaway briefly added: “As an industry we need to support our truck and lorry drivers and flag up issues such as this, because driver health is just as important as vehicle health for any fleet, as they are the ones at the front end keeping businesses moving.”

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