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Optimisation trends in 2017

Optimisation trends in 2017

Route optimisation is all about getting the best out of your fleet - whether that means doing more with existing assets, or you want to reduce fuel consumption, costs and emissions.

Like most technology-driven solutions, route optimisation software is rapidly evolving. However the good news is that these changes are designed to make fleet management easier, rather than more complex.

One of the biggest trends is integration, with a strong focus on the vehicle connectivity provided by telematics. Combining the two creates a compelling solution that becomes much more than the sum of its parts. In fact, Trakm8 provides a full suite of route scheduling software, telematics, driver behaviour and dash cam solutions.

Integrating these Trakm8’s solutions offers a quantum leap forward for fleets, in terms of cutting costs and carbon emissions while boosting productivity. It enables users to pull jobs from the back office system, schedule them in the most efficient manner and push them out to a PDA or mobile app for drivers. Fleets also benefit from full tracking of planned versus actual performance, driver behaviour systems, PDA data capture, fleet efficiency tools and risk mitigation – all from one very easy, intuitive interface.

Trakm8 is currently beta-testing a fully integrated solution containing all of these fuel and cost-saving products, with a view to officially launching it in 2017. The attractions of a single source solution are obvious for fleet managers who currently have to deal with several suppliers: the days of having to remember multiple log-ins and passwords could soon be over.

However, if you already have telematics - or indeed any of these other solutions - a good fleet scheduling software provider can integrate with your existing systems. Trakm8 has built a reputation for integration expertise and is adept at creating middleware that links it to a range of telematics and other fleet management products. In fact, if the middleware does its job properly, you should never even know that it’s there.

On Demand

The rapid development of Cloud-based solutions means that the way we buy and use technology is also changing. Software as a Service (SaaS), also referred to as on-demand software, is already a widely-used purchasing model for back office applications such as ERP solutions and accounting.

Trakm8 believes that route planning and scheduling software would be much more attractive for smaller fleets if it was available as on-demand, pay-as-you-go software. With this in mind, the company is developing a “Mobility as a Service” offering that has the potential to bring the benefits of route optimisation to almost all fleets, large or small.

Route planning software has come a long way in a very short space of time – and there is much, much more to come from this technology.

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