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The major KPIs for fleet and transport managers - Part 3

This is the final addition to our guide for fleet managers on essential key performance indicators. In part 2, we looked at some of the popular goals of fleet managers and which KPI’s are best to monitor when aiming for successful results. Here we will look at what to look for when finding the right tools to measure your fleet data.

In order to benefit from insights provided by KPI measurement, businesses must have access to the right tools in which to record and analyse data from the fleet. Equally as important, these tools must be easy to use and easy to interpret as the sheer volume of data now available can mean that fleet managers get lost among the mountain of graphs and tables. With this said, when looking to purchase a fleet management or telematics solution to monitor fleet KPIs, your goals and hopeful outcomes must be clearly communicated to a potential provider. The provider can then identify which KPIs will help you to achieve your business objectives and ensure that you can turn the data into valuable and actionable insight.

How can we help?

Trakm8 provides telematics hardware and fleet management solutions to assist fleet managers in obtaining and understanding the data that their fleet vehicles and drivers produce. Our online portal, SWIFT, offers vehicle tracking alongside a multitude of handy features which give fleet managers a higher level of understanding about their fleet operations. Our popular journey summary report provides details on the start and end location for each journey, journey durations, distance travelled, idling time and speeding events.

In addition, via a telematics unit installed into a vehicle, the portal is able to display driver behaviour faults such as harsh acceleration, heavy braking, and speeding. These incidents are logged along a live map but are also available in downloadable reports. The portal makes easy work of creating custom reports such as idling, speeding, which can be broken down by driver, vehicle, or predetermined groups. Besides daily, monthly or annual driver behaviour reporting functionality, trend graphs can be obtained in order to observe improvements or failings among the workforce or specific drivers.

Alongside driver behaviour reports, individual vehicle time sheets are available via the SWIFT portal or the Trakm8 Fleet Manager app. Vehicle timesheets are an ideal way to summarise employees working hours and are often used by businesses to monitor costs for wages, business and private mileage and as a guide to miles driven over a specific period of time. All reports can be downloaded directly into CSV and PDF formats for records keeping.

Trakm8 provides a number of telematics solutions including tachograph analysis, asset management and products to improve logistical operations. These telematics solutions also integrate entirely with in-vehicle cameras and optimisation products in order to fully maximise efficiency and gain a greater understanding of your fleet.

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