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The road freight industry is now more efficient than ever

The road freight industry is now more efficient than ever

Efficiency within the road freight industry is at an all-time high, according to recent statistics.

The figures, published in the Department for Transport’s Domestic Road Freight Statistics 2015, show the amount of goods transported on the UK’s roads has increased by 12% in last year however the logistics industry managed fulfill this with just a 9% increase in HGV use. This highlights a significant improvement in the efficiency of fleets.

Christopher Snelling, Head of National and Regional Policy at the Freight Transport Association (FTA) said: “HGV use was already incredibly efficient, but as people and businesses across the UK demand more, the industry has continued to find increasingly efficient ways of meeting this need.”

Road freight has been said to be absolutely vital for the UK supply chain with three quarters of all UK goods movement being conducted by road rather than alternative travel such as rail or water.

The industry owes much of its improved fleet efficiency levels to high-capacity trailers, smoother operation through greater collaboration among hauliers and persuading customers to allow greater vehicle sharing.

Technological advances, such as the continued development of route optimisation and scheduling, are also critical aspects to consider when looking at the reasons behind increased efficiencies – much like the recent improvements in telematics technology.

Customers of route optimisation and scheduling specialists, Route Monkey, are able to save 20% when introducing their software to a fleet. The innovative Route Monkey software allows fleet managers to reduce the amount of vehicles used in their daily duties and calculates the most fuel efficient route with the lowest cumulative mileage. This not only reduces fuel expenditure but can also minimise a businesses’ maintenance costs.

Telematics, which is also continually being developed to turn in depth data into end user savings, helps efficiency through a range of features such as driver behaviour monitoring and vehicle health notifications. Through the monitoring of driver behaviour, fleets are able to save up to 15% in fuel expenditure whilst considerably improving emissions and the safety of their staff.

Despite the UK having a road network renowned for its congestion levels, it is pleasing to see that fleets of all sizes are taking the necessary steps to ensure efficiency is a priority and continued research by Trakm8 Group will allow fleets of all sizes to harness the financial benefits of increased efficiency.

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