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Trakm8 - More than just vehicle tracking (Part One)

Vehicle tracking has helped fleets of all sizes cut costs and recover stolen assets. However, telematics today can offer you a host of extra features that also save you time and money. In Part One, we look at the additional fleet management solutions contained in that little black box.

Made in Britain

We design and manufacture the telematics “black box” at our factory in Coleshill in the West Midlands. We are proud to be able to use the Made in Britain logo on our products. About the size of a matchbox, our fleet tracking device plugs into your vehicles’ on-board diagnostics port (OBD), enabling us to offer a wide range of extra easy-to-use features. These now include:
  • geofencing
  • vehicle health
  • driver behaviour
  • business/private mileage


Geofencing uses GPS technology to establish digital boundaries around a real-world geographic location. This helps cut down on paperwork as it enables the creation of automated time sheets for your employees. You can also create geographic no-go zones, and even input the time frame for when your vehicles are not allowed inside them. This is particularly useful in helping your business to avoid areas with road pricing, like the London Congestion Charge zone. It also prevents unauthorised use of company vehicles. Trakm8 sends an alert to the fleet manager when any driver is close to breaching a geofence. Via our app, you can receive these alerts to your smartphone, giving you an early warning of potential problems.

Vehicle health

We are experts in using telematics to monitor vehicle health, enabling you to deal with issues before they result in a breakdown. Via the OBD, we monitor the performance of key components, such as the condition of the battery. We report any issues via diagnostic trouble code alerts, which you can receive through our app and via email.

Advanced warning of these issues means that you can proactively schedule repairs and maintenance before a breakdown happens. In this way, you can plan vehicle down time so that it doesn’t affect you or your customers.

With our algorithms monitoring the health of all your vehicles, you can:
  • Reduce service downtime
  • Reduce the risk of MoT failure
  • Improve safety for your drivers
  • Avoid breakdowns before they happen
  • Have full visibility of real-time battery health

Driver behaviour

Our driver behaviour solution is proven to:
  • Cut fuel costs by up to 20%
  • Reduce the risk of accidents
  • Minimise vehicle wear and tear
  • Help lower your insurance premiums

The biggest factor in vehicle MPG is the driver. Trakm8 enables you to monitor, analyse and improve driving behaviour in four key areas - excessive acceleration, idling times, heavy braking, and sharp cornering. It is so effective that it can cut fuel costs by up to 20%, a huge saving.

Drivers receive audio and visual alerts from the device to inform them of these behaviours. We also give them a score for every day. This encourages healthy competition between employees and you can even incentivise them with prizes for the best driver.

Fleet managers can view each driver’s performance rating via our app or web portal. You can also quickly and easily produce reports that highlight where training would be most effective, helping you to address bad driving habits that are wasting money for your business.

An added bonus is that a smoother, safer driving style reduces the risk of your employee being involved in an at-fault accident. This in turn can translate into lower insurance premiums.

P11D made simple

Trakm8 can remove the headache and paperwork of calculating business and private mileage:
  • Easy exportable data
  • Cuts administration time
  • Separates business and private mileage
  • Historic data is easily accessed via the records store

This saves time for the fleet manager as well as the drivers who are allowed to use company vehicles for personal trips.

Trakm8 provides you with data that can be easily exported into a spreadsheet. This fantastic feature saves you hours on paperwork, while also keeping your vehicles compliant with HMRC rules on private use of company cars and vans.


All of these features are combined into one dashboard with one log-in. Thanks to our extensive expertise in telematics we have designed a system that is intuitive and user-friendly for fleet managers. Along with real-time alerts on issues such as geofencing, vehicle health and driver behaviour, we’ve also made it incredibly quick and easy for you to produce clear, concise reports. In this way, we help you make the most of the data without getting swamped by it.

To discuss the benefits that our fleet management solutions can bring to your fleet, complete the form below or call us on +44 (0) 330 311 5157.

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