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Trakm8 - More than just vehicle tracking (Part Two)

In part one we looked at all the features packed into the little black boxes that we design and manufacture in the UK. Part two highlights our other fleet management solutions that can integrate or complement telematics, delivering you even bigger and better savings.

These include:
  • Dash Cams
  • Optimisation
Dash Cams

Dashboard cameras, commonly known as dash cams, are in fact rarely mounted on the dashboard these days – instead they are designed to discreetly fit behind the rear view mirror. This gives them better elevation and also prevents them from distracting the driver or blocking the driver’s view.

Their primary purpose is to record footage that is admissible as evidence in court. This helps to protect fleets from bogus crash-for-cash claims, which in turn helps to reduce insurance premiums

They record continuously while the vehicle is in use, and also automatically create and save an Event file for every collision or near-miss. With an inbuilt accelerometer, dash cams can provide both accurate video footage and data on vehicle speed, while GPS provides the precise time and location of the collision.

As with our fleet tracking solution discussed in part one, our cameras have also come a long way and now includes the following options:

  • First Notification of Loss (FNOL)
  • Inward-facing camera to monitor the driver
  • Multi-cam safety systems for LGVs and HGVs
  • Fully integrated 4G telematics camera

FNOL is an automated system that immediately alerts the fleet manager whenever one of your vehicles has been involved in an accident. We can also alert your insurance company at the same time.

Inward-facing cameras are increasingly popular as a method of enforcing company policies and helping your drivers to comply with UK law. If a vehicle is involved in a crash or near-miss, you can check footage to see how the driver was behaving just prior to the incident – for example, were they alert, or distracted; whether or not they were using a mobile phone while driving; etc.

Multi-cam systems eliminate blind spots for truck drivers. They improve safety and help reduce the risk of accidents.

In 2017, Trakm8 launched an integrated telematics camera. This combines a market-leading 4G front and inward-facing camera with all of the vehicle tracking and all the fleet management solutions we outlined in Part One. You can find out more about this camera here: https://www.trakm8.com/fleet-management/dashboard-cameras


Trakm8 Optimisation goes beyond basic route planning to schedule all fleet activities in the most cost-effective way. It is proven to deliver savings on your transport operations of up to 20%. These are achieved by:

  • Better vehicle utilisation
  • Lower total fleet mileage
  • Less transport planning resource

Originally designed for road haulage companies, it can now benefit a range of applications, including:
  • Third Party Logistics
  • Housing Associations
  • NHS patient transport
  • Home shopping delivery
  • Mobile service engineers

We plan your transport so that it meets all your customers’ requirements but in the lowest cumulative mileage, using the least number of vehicles. Our award-winning algorithms carry out millions of calculations in the time it would take a transport team to achieve the same results. With Trakm8 Optimisation, one person can schedule the entire next day’s logistics operations in just a few mouse clicks.

Trakm8 Optimisation is designed to easily integrate with other solutions such as our vehicle tracking, as well as back office software and even with ePODs to enable proof of delivery capture. Our dynamic scheduling capability enables fleet managers to react to real-time events such as last-minute customer orders, a vehicle breakdown, or road closures due to emergencies. Our algorithms overcome these challenges while still delivering the best possible overall savings on vehicle utilisation and mileage.

Our software can even take into account any number of additional factors, including:
  • Driver working hours
  • Vehicle GVW restrictions
  • Customer-specified delivery time slots

You can find out more about Trakm8 Optimisation here: https://www.trakm8.com/optimisation

Integrated Solution

Trakm8’s comprehensive range of hardware and software offers an integrated solution to fleet management. Our modular approach means that we can create the perfect package for your organisation. First and foremost we listen to your needs, so that we deliver the right combination of the right products.

To discuss the benefits that our fleet management solutions can bring to your fleet, complete the form below or call us on +44 (0) 330 311 5157.

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