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VIDEO: The technology that will transform your fleet operations

The technology that will transform your fleet operations

Telematics has evolved far beyond simple GPS tracking. ‘Black box’ technology now has the capability to understand not only the location of fleet vehicles but also to provide invaluable insights into the way in which they are used.

John Watkins, Executive, Chairman of Trakm8 recently spoke with The Telegraph’s Business Reporter to discuss the wide range of technologies now available to transport operators and how they are enabling the fleet industry to become more productive and more efficient than ever before.

Driver behaviour monitoring enables business to understand the costly driving styles of specific drivers. Not only are heavy footed actions a drain on fuel resources, they also increase the level of risk drivers pose on the roads. High risk driving correlates with higher accident rates; essentially requiring businesses to fork out more in maintenance, repairs and sometimes even compensation.

Not all accidents are the fault of the fleet vehicle operator however. This is why Trakm8 is developing an all-in-one dash cam with telematics capability. With driver behaviour monitoring combining with a dual head camera, fleet managers are able to understand in real time, the actions of a driver and the actions of surrounding vehicles in the event of collision.

Fleets are also maximising productivity through the combination of telematics with route optimisation. Powerful algorithms calculate how jobs can be completed with the least amount of vehicles and by covering the least amount of miles, giving fleets a fuel saving of 10% and a productivity boost of up to 30%.

Watch our video for more information on the emerging technologies that could transform your fleet operations.

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