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Telematics insurance in focus: Direct Line Group

Telematics insurance in focus: Direct Line Group

Trakm8 provide telematics hardware, data services, and relevant support to Direct Line Group whose brands include Direct Line, Privilege, Churchill, and Green Flag.

Our self-install units collect driving behaviour, vehicle health, and journey data to assist in the calculation of risk, the identification of potential accidents, and the technical problems associated with general vehicle health.

Deriving value from the data has enabled Direct Line Group to provide discounts on insurance premiums by 40% and empower its customers with meaningful insight into their vehicle health for an improved roadside recovery experience.

Paul Felton, Head of Telematics, Direct Line Group, said: “The use of telematics technology gives us a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the driving habits of our policyholders and the risks they pose, which enables us to provide comparative quotes.

“Our ability to monitor driving behaviour styles has enabled us to provide significant discounts to our policyholders, in particular to those who are under the age of 24.”

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