Quick Route to Market

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Quick Route to Market

Driveably is a truly disruptive telematics insurance solution, designed to make it as easy as possible for insurers and brokers to enter this high-growth market.

It is available out of the box, with no set-up fees, and can realistically be up and running within 30 days – subject to the insurer signing our standard insurance contract and integrating to our standard APIs.

We do not charge any upfront fees for our standard turnkey solution. Our pricing model is based on a price per telematics device and a data fee. This makes Driveably a quick and trouble-free route to market.

Configurable Dashboards

Driveably operates on our Insight telematics platform, which can be accessed via a web portal or our smartphone apps.

Insight is highly-configurable, enabling you to set up your own dashboards. In this way, you gain quick access to the data you need, such as driver scores, service level agreements, and road traffic incidents.

We provide default dashboards for you to use out of the box; and you can modify or replace them as you grow more confident with the system.

configure your own dashboards with driveably software

Crash Data

First notification of loss
Crash Data

Part of our service includes crash notifications. Driveably provides a data push to you, in near-real time, enabling you to pro-actively manage your claims more efficiently

You can also access historic data on road traffic incidents involving your policyholders, enabling broader trend analysis and better risk profiling.

Risk Profiling

Driveably’s user interface enables you to monitor high-level trends, as well as take deeper dives into specific subsets of your estate. Driveably gives you the capability to both ask the right questions and also easily find the answers. With a highly-configurable reporting suite, you can create regular, automated reports on key underwriting indicators, ensuring that you have accurate, relevant insights into your book at all times.

Driveably risk profiling

Fully-Managed Service

trakm8 driveable is a fully managed service
Fully-Managed Service

We have extensive experience in providing a fully-managed, end-to-end telematics insurance solution. Driveably will:

  • Send devices to policyholders, including easy-to-follow installation guide
  • Provide policyholders with access to driving and vehicle data
  • Provide insurers with insights into individual drivers
  • Provide user-friendly analytics for insurers

Customer Engagement

With extensive experience in the telematics insurance sector, Trakm8 understands how value-add propositions can help to improve customer engagement.

To this end, Driveably can be configured to include additional features such as Trakm8 Connectedcare. This provides the policyholder with vehicle status updates and vehicle health alerts – for example, tyre pressure warnings, or an AdBlue level alert. These push notifications via our app help policyholders to keep their vehicles in a roadworthy condition, minimise the risk of breakdowns, and prevent minor issues becoming expensive repairs.

driveably added value
Quick route icon

Quick Route to Market

Zero set-up fees; go live within 30 days

Configurable dashboards icon

Configurable Dashboards

Design your own data dashboards

Crash data icon

Crash Data

Data push to claims centre in real time

Risk profiling icon

Risk Profiling

Deep data dives enable better risk profiling

fully managed service icon

Fully-Managed Service

Smooth and simple policyholder on-boarding

Customer engagement icon

Customer Engagement

Value-add proposition for policyholders

Driveably is available out of the box with our standard specifications and pricing

a. There are no upfront fees

b. We charge you per telematics device, plus a data fee

When you sign up a policyholder, we provide fulfilment of our plug-and-play telematics device direct from our UK factory. This includes a quick-start guide for policyholders.

Policyholders can only see data about their own vehicle and driving – this is accessed via secure login to our web portal, or via our free app.

We give you access to our Insight telematics portal, along with instructions on how to:

a. use it straight out of the box

b. rebrand it with your logo and corporate colours

c. configure the settings to meet your specific needs

Once a policyholder has installed and registered their device, and begun driving, you will be able to access driver data including:

a. Vehicle journeys

b. Real-time vehicle location

c. Driver behaviour metrics including speeding, heavy acceleration, over-revving, sharp cornering and harsh braking

d. First notification of loss

e. Vehicle health/status updates

We provide customer support for your policyholders, ensuring that Driveably is a complete end-to-end solution for insurers.

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