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DfT reportedly begin work on diesel scrappage scheme

3rd February 2017

DfT reportedly begin work on diesel scrappage scheme

The Government is beginning to consider the possibilities of introducing a diesel car scrappage scheme in an attempt to reduce emissions, it has been suggested.

According to The Telegraph, officials from the Department for Transport and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs on a scheme have begun to work on the plan which will offer cash back or a discount on low emission vehicles if they trade in their less efficient vehicles. The newspaper has reported that a government source confirmed that talks have occurred with the Treasury, which would finance the scheme and would focus on locations where air pollution is at its highest.

The report comes after Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, recently announced the need for pollution levels to be addressed by ministers.

Last month, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, triggered a toxic air alert in the Capital after ‘very high’ pollution levels triggered a warning system. The warning went as far as advising Londoners to stay in indoors and, if possible, to use public transport and to switch off their engines when stopping for more than one minute.

The Telegraph also claimed that during a meeting with industry experts, Grayling said he was in favour of a scrappage scheme but stressed that this must be targeted properly. However, it was also reported that a DfT spokesperson outlined that there were “no plans” to introduce a diesel scrappage scheme.

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