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ScottishPower makes fuel go further with Trakm8 telematics

7th December 2017

ScottishPower makes fuel go further with Trakm8 telematics

ScottishPower, one of the UK’s leading energy companies, has achieved a significant fuel efficiency increase in its first year of deploying driver behaviour technology from Trakm8.

In its first annual review with the West Midlands-based telematics company, ScottishPower has reported a 10% increase in mileage for the same amount of fuel used compared to the year previous. The energy supplier has also experienced a 19% reduction in idling and seen speeding events lowered by a quarter.

The company operates over 1,300 fleet vehicles, ranging from cars to HGVs, all of which were fitted with Trakm8’s EcoN in-cab driver feedback device last year in an attempt to improve driver performance and tackle speeding.

The EcoN solution measures behaviours such as speeding, hard acceleration, heavy braking and harsh cornering and then offers real-time alerts to drivers through traffic light-style notifications that encourage better driving styles. The solution also monitors key metrics such as mpg, idling time and CO₂ emissions.

Trakm8 has also assisted ScottishPower with eradicating data overload, a popular concern among businesses considering telematics. Every month, Trakm8 provides ScottishPower with a high-level presentation which highlights their results in order to chart improvement and to help further understand the data produced by their vehicles.

Colin Ferguson, Managing Director of Fleet and Optimisation at Trakm8, said: “ScottishPower’s first set of annual results have not only demonstrated the significant impact driver behaviour monitoring can have upon at-work safety, but also the financial and environmental benefits that present themselves as a by-product of the technology. We are looking forward to continuing our work with ScottishPower in order to help them further achieve safer and more efficient driving.”

Marc Currie, Contracts Manager at ScottishPower, said: “Following an initial benchmarking analysis carried out the outset of our partnership with Trakm8, we are delighted to report a 13% reduction in speeding events across our business on our first set of annual results. This is particularly pleasing for us as the safety of our drivers and other roads user’s remains at the core of our telemetry objectives. Other notable highlights include a 19% reduction in idling and a 10% increase in MPG efficiency across our fleet.

“We wanted a telematics partner that would keep us informed of our performance across a range of key metrics. To that end, these results have come as no surprise to us as Trakm8 present high level KPI and ROI summaries to us on a monthly basis.

“We look forward to working with Trakm8 over the coming year and beyond as we seek to build and improve upon an impressive first set of annual results.”

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