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Trakm8 announces major sales restructure to boost growth

14th December 2016

Trakm8 announces major sales restructure to boost growth

Telematics and big data insights company, Trakm8, has announced a number of organisational changes to allow it to take full advantage of the new products and expertise acquired following four acquisitions in the last three years.

The Group is streamlining its businesses into four discrete units to reflect the complete end-to-end solutions that it is now able to offer to both its new and existing customers.

As part of this restructuring the company has now concluded a brand strategy review which has resulted in the decision to integrate these businesses under the Trakm8 brand and, as a result, the Group will now operate as Trakm8 Fleet, Trakm8 Insurance, Trakm8 Optimisation and Trakm8 Automotive.

These businesses will form two commercial units, headed up by highly talented and experienced personnel already within the organisation. Colin Ferguson, former CEO of Route Monkey which was acquired by the Group in December 2015, is now Managing Director of Trakm8 Group Fleet and Optimisation. Jon Law, who has been with the Group for four years as Trakm8 Limited’s Sales Director, has now become the Managing Director of Insurance and Automotive. By appointing these individuals to these roles, the Group is ensuring focus in each avenue to prevent unintended concentration on a particular customer or vertical, maximising sales output across the organisation.

Supporting these key roles within the Fleet sector include both Andrew Tillman and Robert Goldwater, of SME telematics specialists, Roadsense, which the Group acquired in August 2016.

Robert Goldwater, former Sales Director of both Roadsense and Masternaut will be Fleet Sales Director and Andrew Tillman, who has been Managing Director of Roadsense and previously a senior director of Masternaut and Minorplanet, will be Fleet Strategy Director responsible for Fleet Strategy and Group Marketing.

Streamlining the businesses is in part a consequence of the rapidly expanded investment in sales resources during the earlier part of this year, but there are a number of positions still to fill. This streamlining will also assist the business in simplifying current processes, ensuring the business stays focussed on maximising the opportunities that it develops. The Group believes that this restructure will ensure cross-selling prospects are fulfilled with accountability being clear to the business units.

The Group has increased Marketing support through all units already this year, including investment in much improved websites and a telemarketing team. This trend of increasing investment in Marketing will continue.

John Watkins, Executive Chairman of Trakm8, said:

“We expect that these changes will lead to even greater vigour and success in each of our chosen verticals as each one will have dedicated and focussed resource deployed to them. Trakm8 has gone through a rapid period of growth and these carefully designed plans have come from an extended period of discussion with many stakeholders within our business. We expect to see positive results in the near future.”

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