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Trakm8 launches ‘first advanced 4G telematics camera of its kind’

3rd October 2017

Trakm8 launches ‘first advanced 4G telematics camera of its kind’

Leading telematics company, Trakm8, has announced the launch of its new in-cab camera integrated with fully-featured telematics – a device that the company believes is the first of its kind on the market.

The RoadHawk 600, which is being manufactured at Trakm8’s electronics plant in the West Midlands, features a choice of single or dual cameras with detachable heads which can be used to monitor the road ahead and the inside of the cab.

The RoadHawk 600 can be configured to automatically provide operators with real-time images and video footage surrounding harsh events picked up by the device’s built-in accelerometer but also gives fleet managers the opportunity to live stream footage from the cab.

In terms of functionality, the RoadHawk 600 mirrors that of Trakm8’s most advanced tracking devices, including features such as driver behaviour, FNOL, remote tacho downloads, CANbus integration, driver ID and the company’s Trakm8connectedcare vehicle diagnostics.

Trakm8’s route optimisation and scheduling algorithms are also integrated into the device, with the ability to automate schedules in a matter of seconds while ensuring the highest possible vehicle utilisation rate.

The RoadHawk 600 also comes with minimal data restriction due to its advanced video compression technology which provides, on the most basic tariff, up to 250 videos plus 125 still images plus 10 minutes of live streaming every month which is a significantly more than other cameras on the market at a comparable cost.

Trakm8 are currently developing Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) to monitor high-risk behaviours such as mobile phone usage, insufficient concentration on the road, and driver micro-sleeping which will be implemented next year. The company also intends to incorporate these high-risk behaviours into its driver behaviour scoring algorithms.

Colin Ferguson, Managing Director of Fleet and Optimisation at Trakm8, said:

“The RoadHawk 600 is a very powerful device which is the culmination of years of development from our engineering teams to amalgamate two highly sought-after products into a single compact device. Our customers can expect all the benefits of in-cab cameras combined with unrivalled telematics functionality in a single low-cost unit.

“The device will single-handedly allow operators to address compliance issues, reduce insurance liability, identify driver training requirements and offer advanced notification vehicle faults. We believe that the RoadHawk 600 is the first 4G telematics camera of its kind which provides functionality that we understand can be found nowhere else in today’s market.”

Find out how your business can benefit from the RoadHawk 600 4G telematics camera today: