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Telematics camera cuts accident rate by 39% for utilities contractor

9th April 2019

A national utilities contractor has cut its vehicle accident rate by more than a third, after rolling out telematics cameras across its fleet

T&K Gallagher Ltd specialises in the provision and maintenance of essential water, gas, electricity and telecommunications supplies. The company identified an increase in the number of road traffic incidents during 2017. With a strong cultural focus on health and safety, it began looking immediately for a way to address this issue.

The Manchester-based company is a long-standing customer of Track King, a leading independent provider of telematics and vehicle cameras. Track King identified the award-winning Trakm8 RH600 4G telematics camera as the best solution for the Manchester-based company to monitor and analyse driver behaviour. The company works closely with Gallagher to ensure it gets the very best out of the technology.

Gallagher is the first national utilities contractor to invest in the Trakm8 RH600. Since installing the telematics cameras in over 500 of its fleet of light commercial and heavy goods vehicles to date, Gallagher has witnessed a 39% drop in accidents involving its vehicles. The company has also seen instances of speeding decrease by 35%, and a substantial reduction in fuel costs due to drivers adopting a smoother driving style.

Sam Atherton, Director at Gallagher, said: “Safety is a core value of our company, and improving driver safety is one of our Widely Important Goals. Therefore we are delighted with the significant reductions in accident rates and speeding that the Trakm8 RH600 is delivering.

Track King carried out the installation of the RH600 devices and provides ongoing support to Gallagher. The company has implemented speeding league tables and introduced a points-based system. Employees who receive points undergo training to help them reduce the frequency of speeding events.

Sam added: “Track King knows our business really well, and has helped us to get the most out of this new technology. The ability to easily analyse driver behaviour against a range of metrics enables us to quickly intervene when there is an issue. This helps us to reduce the risk of an accident for our colleagues and for other road users. Alongside health and safety, improved driver behaviour has a positive impact on customer satisfaction. Our colleagues are ambassadors for our business, so better driving helps them to leave a good impression on our clients.”

“Moving forward, we will broaden our focus beyond speeding, using the enhanced driving analytics provided by the telematics cameras,” added Sam. “The rich data from the RH600 gives us the scope we need to continue improving road safety.”

Track King is a leading independent end-to-end solutions provider of telematics and vehicle cameras. The company helps fleets of all sizes to enhance performance in key areas such as improving fuel economy, road safety, vehicle utilisation, job allocation, and vehicle maintenance.

Trakm8 is the UK’s largest manufacturer of telematics devices, which are designed and produced at its headquarters in the West Midlands. The company is proud to hold the Made in Britain marque.

The RH600 is the most advanced 4G telematics camera currently available in the UK. Trakm8 continues to innovate is currently adding advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to the RH600, which include the ability to monitor distracted driving or driver drowsiness. If the driver looks away for a few seconds, for example to check a mobile phone or is falling asleep, the RH600 will issue an audible alert. The device can also send footage of the incident to the fleet manager.

Track King will be showcasing the RH600 at the Utility Week Live trade show, which takes place on 21st and 22nd May at the NEC, Birmingham. Visit them at stand G50, or for further information visit www.track-king.co.uk

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