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Trakm8 telematics gives improved insight into construction site safety

25th April 2017

Trakm8 telematics gives improved insight into construction site safety

Construction managers can gain unique insights into site safety, thanks to an innovative new telematics system.

OverSite combines SiteZone’s advanced RFID technology with telematics and Big Data analysis from Trakm8. By tracking, logging and analysing near-misses, OverSite can help construction contractors to improve health and safety on sites.

SiteZone uses RFID to produce a detection zone around a vehicle, machine, or even a restricted area. Using vibration as well as audio and visual alerts, SiteZone alerts the driver whenever a pedestrian is close to their plant equipment - and warns the other party that their safety is compromised. OverSite goes a step further, by providing real-time alerts on zone breaches to site managers, as well as the analytics that contractors can use to identify and eliminate bad practice.

Hosted in the Cloud, users can remotely access OverSite via a dedicated log-in. A dashboard provides key performance indicators such as the number of unauthorised entries into a safety zone and the amount of time spent within them. The user-friendly system also enables managers to quickly generate reports that highlight key issues and trends.

This helps companies to effectively monitor the interaction on site between vehicles, plant and personnel. Managers can make positive interventions to effect behavioural change and provide re-training as necessary. Hot spots - where plant and personnel are often working in close proximity - are easily identified and monitored more closely to help reduce the risk of further incidents.

John Watkins, Executive Chairman of Trakm8, said: “Trakm8’s tracking and data insight capabilities are ideal for logging and analysing safety breach incidents.

“Using Trakm8’s cloud-based system means that construction managers can keep track of multiple sites with ease. This practical information can help to identify training needs and track progress towards company safety goals.”

Trakm8 enables OverSite to collect zone breach data from SiteZone. Via GPS tracking, it can also display the location of the machine, identify the operator’s SiteZone tag, and show any other SiteZone tags that are active in the relevant safety zone.

Gary Escott, Director of OnGrade, the supplier of SiteZone, said: “OverSite informs key managers about what happened, with whom, where and when. The data collected from SiteZone can be used to monitor behavioural change in the users.

“Recently, a report commissioned by a major contractor who uses SiteZone, reflected an increase in positive attitudes to work when operating in or near mobile plant. Workers felt more secure when using SiteZone.”

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