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Trakm8's pioneering telematics camera wins innovation award

23rd November 2018

Trakm8's pioneering telematics camera wins innovation award

Leading telematics provider Trakm8 is celebrating after its innovative 4G telematics camera won its first national award.

The Trakm8 RH600 camera, designed and manufactured in the West Midlands, won the IT Innovation category of the GreenFleet Awards 2018. The awards recognise organisations which have successfully adopted low emission vehicles and innovative fuel saving solutions into their fleets, along with the manufacturers and innovators of low carbon technologies.

John Watkins, Executive Chairman of Trakm8, said: “We are delighted that the RH600 is gaining industry recognition for its innovative qualities. Our customers love this product for the safety and efficiency benefits it brings to fleets of all sizes.

“We are incredibly proud of the technology that we design, develop and manufacture at our headquarters in Coleshill. Our strategy has always been to create products and solutions with market-leading capabilities. Receiving plaudits such as this award from the fleet sector is further confirmation that we remain on the right path.”

Trakm8 is one of the only telematics providers that designs and manufactures its devices in the UK, and holds the Made in Britain marque. The company supplies a wide range of customers in the fleet, automotive and insurance sectors.

Following two successful pilots with Iceland Foods and Calor Gas, Trakm8 launched its RH600 telematics camera in April 2018. Unlike other telematics cameras, the RH600 doesn’t just transmit GPS location data. It provides full telematics functionality, including driver behaviour analytics - and can also be integrated with Trakm8’s fleet optimisation solution.

The RH600 can have two cameras – one facing the road, and one facing into the cab. Together they provide hard evidence to defend fleets against false insurance claims, such as from ‘crash for cash’ fraudsters. It enabled one customer with 1,500 vehicles to ascertain that 50% of insurance claims made against the company were fabricated. Instances where footage was able to support a disputed claim in favour of the company also increased by 260%, compared to the previous dash cams installed in the fleet.

The RH600 helps fleets to achieve substantial savings on emissions. Its driver behaviour technology takes into account fuel-thirsty events such as harsh acceleration, heavy braking, cornering, and over-revving. A simple light system on the face of the device provides real-time feedback to the driver – a green light indicates good driving; amber warns of bad practice; and it will flash red in the event of speeding or harsh acceleration.

Using the same driver behaviour algorithms found within the RH600, one customer with 1,300 vehicles achieved a 10% improvement in fleet MPG within a year, supported by a 25% reduction in speeding events and 19% reduction in engine idling.

The camera's ability to fully integrate with Trakm8 Optimisation provides the potential for further savings, as this fleet scheduling tool is proven to reduce total fleet emissions by up to 20%.

Another major selling point is the RH600’s ability to predict vehicle failures before they happen. Through CAN Bus connectivity, the device provides diagnostic trouble code alerts and battery health information, helping to minimise the risk of a vehicle breakdown.

In 2019, Trakm8 will also update the RH600 with advanced driver assistance (ADAS) features including lane drift and vehicle proximity warnings, and facial recognition software that can alert both drivers and fleet managers to driver distraction events such as micro-sleeping.

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