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Electric Vehicles

By analysing a fleet's historic and forecasted data, we can calculate which existing routes and vehicles you could switch to electric cars, vans or trucks. And by accurately predicting cost reductions and emissions savings, we enable fleet managers to build the business case for introducing EVs.

Our algorithms can even precisely calculate your on-site charging infrastructure requirements. In this way, we provide fleets with a complete, transparent and clear proposition for their transition to EVs.

Once the electric vehicles are deployed, we optimise their performance within your wider fleet. We ensure the best possible return on investment by maximising the number of zero-emission miles achieved. This route planning includes accounting for real-time factors such as payload, average speed, route topography, weather conditions, and driver style. When combined with Trakm8 telematics, we can monitor the battery state of charge, and react in real time to any issues – we can even plan in an emergency top-up charge if required.

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Find out how your business can introduce electric vehicles today: