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Download the 'Fleet Management for HR Professionals' white paper

Increasingly, HR departments are being tasked with managing company vehicles. This requires a wholly different skill set to the “day job” in human resources. In this white paper from Trakm8, we examine some of the challenges and opportunities this responsibility incurs, and highlight how technology can help

This white paper from Trakm8 highlights 10 ways in which telematics and associated fleet management solutions can help to improve fuel economy, reduce fuel expenditure, and cut emissions.

Download the '10 ways that telematics can improve fuel management' white paper
Download the '10 ways that telematics can improve fuel management' white paper

Every day a car or light commercial vehicle (LCV) spends off the road is lost revenue to a business. In this white paper, Trakm8 helps you to examine whether you are doing enough to prevent vehicle breakdowns and non-starts.

For businesses that employ workers who operate out in the field, keeping an eye on their movements can be tricky. One particularly difficult aspect is effectively managing your fleet of vehicles, whether your employees use their own vehicles, company vehicles, or drive vehicles obtained through a company car allowance scheme.

Download the 'How fleet management can improve efficiencies in the field marketing sector' white paper
The major key performance indicators for fleet and transport managers

Key Performance Indicators – known as KPIs for short - help you focus on what matters to your fleet. Key performance indicators are pivotal when running an efficient business. Our free white paper will help you to understand some of the major KPIs that you might be missing, and how they could help you to reduce costs, increase improve safety and increase operational productivity.

Route optimisation can have a transformative impact on a wide range of applications. If you work in road transport, logistics, and last-mile deliveries, or manage mobile workforces such as field marketing and service engineers, your business could benefit from this cost-effective software.

Is fleet optimisation right for your business?