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Connectedcare – The benefit of vehicle insights to insurers

We understand the importance that data and analytics can have for both insurers and their policyholders and at Trakm8 we offer market-leading driver and vehicle data insights.  We recently launched our enhanced ‘Connectedcare’ services to work alongside our driver data analytics giving our insurance partners a more detailed insight into their customer’s vehicles enabling them to further understand and manage individual risk profiles.

With this wealth of information, insurers are able to offer the policyholder a customised and more accurate policy.

Services Include

True odometer readings

Service intervals

Battery health

Diagnostics and fault code data

With a comprehensive analysis of the policyholder’s vehicle, the insurer has the foresight to share insights with the customer and advise on parts that need to be replaced, serviced or upgraded. Imagine being able to tell customers their vehicle’s battery isn’t operating at normal capacity or alerting them to faults stored in their vehicle’s computer or even making them aware their vehicle is unsafe because it needs a new part.

The customer can not only expect a tailor-made service for their vehicle, but also can relax in the knowledge that their vehicle is being monitored and if there is a problem, they will be made aware of it. This in turn can prevent breakdowns or potential accidents.

Ultimately, ‘Connectedcare’ and driver data insights keeps both the insurer and the policyholder connected. By creating and monitoring the relationship between vehicle, policyholder and insurer through important vehicle insights which can often be overlooked, as well as using the knowledge of the driver, combine to create the most personalised user experience, keeping the customer at the heart of the service.

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