What is fleet optimisation and route planning?

Fleet optimisation and vehicle route planning allows businesses to create efficient and cost-effective driving and delivery routes, helping to reduce costs through considering a range of important factors. These include:

  • Multiple drops along one route 
  • Traffic conditions and roadworks or diversions
  • Nearest driver to specific location or drop point
  • Road conditions and number of turns en route
  • Number of miles and estimated journey times
  • Fleet size
  • Customer requests and requirements

Whether you are a fleet manager full time or managing a fleet is just a fraction of your job, Trakm8’s fleet & route optimisation software can make your job much easier.

Multi-drop route planning

Trakm8’s Insight Optimisation software has built in multi-drop route planning capabilities, allowing businesses to create efficient route plans for multiple drops using crucial data about each drop, the roads and the drivers. 

Planning routes with multi-drops in mind allows businesses to create routes based on optimum efficiency, ensuring ultimate customer satisfaction and increasing driver productivity. 

The benefits of fleet route optimisation and planning software

Fleet route optimisation and planning is crucial for businesses that rely on the activities and performance of their fleet to operate efficiently. Our comprehensive software offers a huge range of benefits to business owners, fleet managers and drivers.

trakm8 insight optimisation software can help reduce route times
route optimisation icon

Increase Productivity

trakm8 insight optimisation software can help reduce route times

Increasing productivity, which in turn helps to reduce costs, is always at the forefront of any business. That’s why here at Trakm8, we have developed the ultimate fleet optimisation solution which can help you achieve just that.

increase productivity icon

Reduce Costs

Trakm8 insight software helps increase productivity

Optimal fleet planning and detailed route management can help reduce your overall fleet operation costs. Our software has been proven to help reduce fuel costs by up to 20%.

Trakm8 insight software helps increase productivity
Depot Solutions
integrated fleets icon

Single Depot, Multi-Depot & Integrated Fleets

Depot Solutions

Are you located in a different depot to the majority of your fleet? Whether you manage single or multiple depots, Insight offers the perfect solution for integrated fleet optimisation and management.

ePOD logo

Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD)

ePOD Solutions

Electronic Proof of Delivery speeds up driver processes and increases customer satisfaction. Processes are all electronic, from safely stored documents to easy-access portals to deal with customer issues.

ePOD Solutions
Iceland Fleet
case studies Iceland Foods
Combined Telematics And Optimisation Increases Efficiencies For Iceland Foods

“We find Trakm8 Optimisation a very good company to work with.” Jonathan Melia, Iceland Foods.

case studies Truline
Truline understands that reliable end-to-end logistics is of paramount importance.

Trakm8 went above and beyond the basic route planning systems we had previously used.

General Traffic benefit from Trakm8 telematic solution
case studies General Traffic
General traffic benefits from integrated solution

“We will continue to work with Trakm8.” Zubair Bhaiji, General Traffic

Trakm8 cut transport costs for the challenge
case studies The Challenge
Charity savings: cutting transport costs for the challenge.

“Trakm8 Optimisation software saved us an estimated £150,000.” Jason Balluck, The Challenge


What size fleet do I need to be able to use fleet planning software?

You could have a fleet of 20 vehicles or a larger fleet of 500+ – our fleet planning and route optimisation software provides huge benefits to all sized fleets! 

If you want your drivers to take more efficient, cost effective routes that satisfy customers and help boost productivity, our Insight software is just what you need, no matter the fleet size.

What is route tracking software?

Fleet route optimisation and planning software is described in many ways. In essence, the software provides solutions to fleet managers that help to:

  • Plan effective routes
  • Optimise driver journeys
  • Track drivers and their routes to ensure safety and compliance
  • Manage customer expectations and requirements through comprehensive software

Can I have route planning software for HGVs?

Yes, you can use our unique route planning and optimisation software for a range of vehicles.

Easily tailor your software to track elements important to you and your business – this may differ depending on whether you have a fleet of cars, vans, trucks, HGVs or even a mix of vehicle sizes!

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