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Driving change: The importance of telematics in shaping driver behaviour

When it comes to making positive change to driver behaviour, few resources are as valuable to fleet managers than telematics systems.

When used correctly, telematics devices can provide businesses with a wealth of data rich, actionable insights into a driver’s habits. Access to such data can help fleet managers identify areas where additional training may be required, reducing indicators of hazardous or inefficient driving styles. What’s more, this data can also help fleet managers optimise vehicles, ensuring their assets are being utilised in the most productive, cost-effective means possible.

Trakm8 is the recognised leader in technology solutions for fleet management, driver monitoring, optimisation and dashboard camera systems. Trakm8’s cutting edge technology offerings are adaptable for fleets of all sizes; providing intelligent, game-changing insights that can improve fleet efficiency and reduce risk across fleet operations.

Working alongside some of the world’s most recognisable brands, including Iceland Foods and GSF Car Parts, Trakm8 goes beyond vehicle tracking to provide fleets with a customisable business intelligence platform, providing greater insight into a range of key areas  –  from carbon emissions and fuel expenditure, to road safety and driver behaviour.

To help fleet managers ensure drivers have access to this useful feedback, Trakm8 has pioneered its ACC750 driver feedback device. The ACC750 gives fleet managers access to a wide array of easy-to-interpret data sets that allows operators to identify and track trends, group issues and overall driver performance. The device presents the driver with live feedback through an auto-dimming display in-cab.

Using the ACC750 is proven to significantly improve driver behaviour, by delivering live driver updates that notify users of inefficient driving habits, including heavy-footed braking, idling, and revving. The system also incentives good behaviour, encouraging drivers to proactively prioritise safety and efficiency while on the road.

Driver ID options with the ACC750 allows drivers to keep their driving score and activity when they switch vehicles. This key feature empowers drivers to make improvements and encourages users to engage in friendly competition with colleagues. This system engages drivers and allows them to measure their performance and gauge improvements to better control their performance and skill development.

At a time when most businesses are closely counting every penny, ACC750 delivers real benefits in terms of reductions on fuel spends. Heavy braking and engine idling are two of the biggest causes of accelerated fuel usage, so by encouraging drivers to tackle these inefficient habits head on, the ACC750 can help businesses save on fuel expenditure over time. Trakm8’s driver behaviour solutions are proven to cut fuel costs by up to 10%; reduce instances of speeding; and help you negotiate lower insurance premiums due to a decrease in your at-fault accident rate.

The ACC750 is compatible with a range of other Trakm8 devices, including the RH600 4G integrated telematics camera. The RH600 combines an in-cab camera system with the same technologies found in Trakm8’s most sophisticated telematics devices. The RH600 includes a flexible camera which can be positioned anywhere in the cab, alongside industry leading diagnostics provisions that help save fleet managers time and money on the identification of underlying vehicle faults.

This gives fleet managers further resources to collect and access useful data to drive performance and safety. This multifunctional system provides data-rich insights to managers that affords fleet managers an intuitive and detailed overview of fleet performance and vehicle health.

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RH600 4G Integrated Telematics Camera

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