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How can telematics be used to improve fleet safety?

Simply put, implementing an effective telematics solution across a fleet can deliver tangible benefits in a number of key areas, not least safety, productivity and efficiency. Telematics software can be used to collect data from individual drivers, giving fleet operators data-rich insights into a host of driving habits, including:

  • Harsh acceleration
  • Over-revving
  • Harsh braking
  • Over-cornering
  • Engine idling
  • Speeding

By identifying such habits, fleet managers are better able to offer training opportunities to drivers, specifically tailored to the areas they may need more guidance or support. Such training can significantly improve a driver’s individual performance and drive tangible results for the fleet as a whole.

What effect will safer drivers have on a company’s bottom line?

A driver is one of the most visible members of your team, and their behaviour can have a significant impact on your business’s wider reputation.

By promoting safer driving habits, via data gleaned from telematics and ongoing driver training opportunities, telematics can significantly improve driver safety and safeguard brand image. Not only this, but safer driving can also eliminate costly insurance pay-outs by minimising the risk of your driver ending up in a road traffic accident.

As a tool for improving driver behaviour, telematics can also help improve the miles-per-gallon of vehicles and decrease general wear and tear (such as extending the lifespan of tyres). At a time when fuel prices remain uncertain, encouraging driver behaviour that minimises fuel expenditure (and thus what you’re paying at the pump) can generate signficiant savings across your wider business.

How can telematics be used as part of a driver training programme (eg identifying areas for improvement, high risk drivers/monitoring improvements etc)? 

One of the most important functions of a telematics solution is as a means of identifying driver training opportunities. This can be evidenced with Trakm8’s RH600 integrated telematics camera, which provides fleet managers with a complete overview of a driver’s journey from start to finish.

By recording both inside the cab and the exterior of the vehicle, the RH600 can capture footage which can be used to illustrate to the driver incidences of bad driving should the need arise. Having first hand footage of examples of poor driving allows fleet operators to zero in on areas where the driver may need more learning or support; ultimately helping fleet managers safeguard both their driver and other road users.

What advice would Trakm8 have for any fleet managers considering gamification? 

Gamification can be one of the most effective ways of fostering a business-wide shift in attitude to improving driver habits. When applied correctly, it creates healthy competition among drivers as they all want to achieve the highest scores or finish at the top of that month’s driver league table.

While some businesses offer cash prizes or similar incentives to encourage their drivers, the kudos of being identified as a stand-out example is often enough to encourage better driving habits among teams.

Trakm8’s ACC750 driver feedback display can be especially harnessed to give drivers live feedback on their behaviour, which has similarly been proved to help engender positive change to habits. Among our customers that use our software to encourage gamification, there has been a consistent link between the implementation of such strategies and improvements in driver behaviour.

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