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How to choose the best fleet tracking system

If your business uses vehicles as part of its operations and you’re considering implementing fleet tracking and fleet telematics, it can be difficult to know where to start.

You may already have a fleet tracking system, or you may be completely new to the concept and be looking for your first system, but either way, it’s important you know how to find the best fleet tracking system for your situation.

A good fleet tracking system is about far more than simply knowing the location of your vehicles, and can have huge benefits to your efficiency, reduce the amount of money you spend managing your fleet, and save you a significant amount of time and effort. The wrong system, on the other hand, can be difficult to manage, inadequate for your business’ needs, and a waste of resources.

In this article, we look at some of the key things to look for in a fleet tracking system, what benefits you can expect, and how to find the best fleet telematics system and fleet tracking system for your business.

What is fleet tracking?

Fleet tracking systems provide you with information about the location of vehicles in your fleet. This is generally achieved using GPS technology, which can be achieved via a device. This can range from a simple mobile phone GPS signal to plug-in devices and advanced devices that are specially installed into vehicles by a professional.

At their most basic, fleet tracking systems only provide location data. However, they have been developed significantly in recent years, and many systems now also provide advanced fleet telematics. Some of these modern fleet tracking and fleet telematics systems can give you live readouts about braking, fuel consumption, vehicle health reports, and much more, making them an extremely useful tool for businesses.

Who uses fleet tracking?

Any business that involves the use of vehicles can use and benefit from a fleet tracking system. This makes fleet tracking and fleet telematics systems useful tools for a huge range of industries. Some of the most common users of fleet tracking are organisations in manufacturing, retail, logistics & transport, construction, and more.

Benefits of fleet tracking

Fleet tracking has come a long way in recent years, and the advanced telematics features included in many modern systems can offer a wide range of benefits to businesses. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Lower fuel costs – Detailed information about braking, fuel use, idling, and more can help you optimise driving habits and spend less on fuel.
  • Fewer accidents – Better driving habits and optimised route planning can lead to significantly safer driving and a lower accident rate.
  • Lower insurance premiums – Fleet telematics systems and the associated improvement in driving habits can reduce vehicle insurance premiums by up to 50%
  • Better vehicle utilisation – Live location data for your entire fleet can help you plan and optimise vehicle usage to adapt to last-minute jobs and unforeseen circumstances.

What to look for in a fleet tracking system?

There is a huge choice of fleet tracking equipment and software available, and every organisation has different demands, so it can be difficult to choose the best fleet tracking system for your fleet. A good starting point to ensure you find the best fit for your company is to keep in mind a few key questions when shopping around:

  • What features do you require?
  • How many vehicles are in your fleet?
  • What is your fleet tracking budget?
  • How will you use the information you get?
  • Do you need help installing and using the system?

Why choose Trakm8?

A range of devices to choose from

Trakm8 offers a wide range of fleet tracking and fleet telematics devices. From the Connect 200 12V Cigarette lighter to the Connect 330 OBD port device, the Connect 430 hard-wired device, and the ‘all in one’ RH600 4G integrated telematics camera, there’s something to meet the unique demands of every business.

Live location updates

Get real-time location updates from every vehicle in your fleet, with updates transmitted to you every 60 seconds. Easily stay informed about the exact movements of your vehicles at all times.

Made in the UK

Almost all of our hardware is designed and manufactured at our UK manufacturing facility. Our cutting-edge fleet tracking software, Insight, is also developed in-house by our UK-based team. This allows us to constantly update and improve our products and respond to emerging demands immediately.

Highly competitive pricing

With prices for our advanced fleet tracking systems starting at just £5.99+VAT per vehicle per month, we have a solution to match any budget.

Mobile and desktop compatible

Monitor and manage your fleet from your desktop, or track everything from your mobile device via our fleet telematics app, Insight.

Advanced vehicle health updates

With Connectedcare from Trakm8, you can get regular updates on individual vehicle engine codes, warning lights, battery health, and more at all times, wherever your vehicles are.

Get advanced fleet tracking for your vehicles

With so many providers to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start when looking for fleet tracking software and hardware. Read more in our Guide to Fleet Tracking.

Trakm8 offers an extensive range of fleet tracking and fleet telematics products to help you manage your fleet more effectively from anywhere, whatever your needs and whatever you budget.

Get in touch today to learn more.

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