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How vehicle tracking from Trakm8 can streamline your fleet management

With many businesses increasing the size of their fleets in the wake of the post-pandemic recovery, fleet managers are facing pressure from bosses to efficiently and successfully keep track of their vehicles.

However, according to a recent survey, almost a quarter of fleet managers said that they spend half of their working day on spreadsheets, with almost half saying that this is too time-consuming. A further 37% say that using spreadsheets leaves too much room for mistakes, and a staggering 10% say that they’re yet to switch to digital spreadsheets.

Meanwhile, a recent study found that fleet managers are struggling to keep track of fleet activity and costs and that they’re not using their data efficiently to drive cost savings and improve efficiency. And as challenges such as driver shortages, economic uncertainty, and emissions charges continue to pile on the pressure, fleet managers need a way to keep track of their fleet, utilise its data, and drive measurable results for their businesses.

The importance of vehicle tracking systems

Unexpected vehicle breakdowns, spontaneous trips, inefficient driving habits, and fines for expired vehicle documentation are all examples of common fleet management issues that can be solved with modern fleet tracking.

This is where vehicle tracking comes in. Also known as automotive telematics or fleet management software, vehicle tracking systems help to keep fleet vehicles safe, efficient, and fully operational.

Modern automotive telematics combines GPS systems, advanced hardware, onboard diagnostics, cloud software, and data analysis for the ongoing monitoring of a motorised fleet. This data can then be accessed by fleet managers through an online dashboard where they’ll be able to review in-depth reports concerning performance metrics and use it to inform key decision-making and efficient route planning, among other things. 

Deploying such a high level of fleet tracking ultimately gives fleet managers more visibility into how their fleet is running. This makes it easier to spot any potential issues ahead of time, for example, maintenance requirements or tax renewals.

It’s clear that fleet managers are beginning to take note, too. According to a recent report, the global automotive telematics market is poised for rapid growth over the next few years, with 88% of new vehicles expected to have some form of connectivity by 2025.

How vehicle tracking can improve fleet management

A vehicle tracking solution like those we offer at Trakm8 can help you access many of these benefits and more. Our solutions include a wide range of hardware and software products to make it easier to manage your fleet more effectively and ultimately save money.

Figures have shown that our innovative telematics products can save you as much as 50% on vehicle insurance premiums alone, in addition to savings on fuel, vehicle maintenance, and more. We’ve worked hard to develop some of the most advanced devices and fleet management software on the market, and we’ve ensured that all our systems are quick to install and simple to use.

Here’s a look at how Trakm8 can help you streamline your fleet management:

Gain insight into driver behaviour

Although your drivers play a core role in your fleet operations, bad driving habits and lacklustre standards can be a huge liability and put your operations in danger. With a Trakm8 vehicle tracking solution, however, you can see how your drivers are behaving on the road in real-time.

This is because vehicle tracking systems continuously gather data about your vehicles and provide a 360-degree overview of how drivers are getting on while behind the wheel. Data that fleet trackers collect can include routes that drivers are taking, distance travelled, driving time, average vehicle speed, and events such as speeding, harsh acceleration, and sudden braking.

This level of insight gives fleet managers the chance to step in and take remedial action where inefficient, negligent, or dangerous driver actions are identified, thus reducing vehicle wear and tear, helping to prevent accidents from taking place, preserving battery life, and unlocking lower insurance premiums over time. 

Plan efficient routes, even on the move

Trakm8 vehicle tracking systems include GPS and real-time map tracking. This makes it easy for fleet managers to plan the most efficient data-led routes across their entire fleet and get the most out of a tank of fuel.

The true power of Trakm8 route planning is in real-time route planning, though. It’s no secret that things can happen on the roads—sudden roadworks, accidents, congestion—that might throw your planned routes into disarray. That’s why Trakm8’s functionality makes it easy for fleet managers to re-route drivers on the fly according to current conditions and available data.

Receive point-in-time health alerts

Fleet tracking systems and their sensors can provide fleet managers with an insight into the overall health of their vehicles through predictive maintenance. This helps to prevent costly breakdowns, safeguard your drivers and slow down the depreciation of your fleet’s value.

Using Trakm8’s cloud-based platform, for example, fleet managers can receive instant insights into things like tyre pressure and oil levels and receive alerts about potentially faulty parts and battery health. Fleet managers can also use the platform to schedule servicing and maintenance in a way that avoids disruption to schedules and routes.

Contact us to find out more

With Trakm8, you can start tracking real-time vehicle data and transforming your fleet management immediately. Based in Coleshill, UK, Trakm8 proudly holds the ‘Made in Britain’ marque. Get in touch to find out how Trakm8 can help you manage and optimise your fleet.

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