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Improving the customer experience with route optimisation

In the modern marketplace, delivery businesses must work harder than ever to meet the high expectation of customers in a busy and competitive field. Increasingly, the end-customer demands real-time delivery updates to help them plan their busy lives around their parcel drop off.

In a growingly crowded field, delivery businesses should consider how they can be investing in the latest technologies to improve customer experience – and stand out from their competitors. One way of achieving this is by implementing an intuitive route optimisation programme that both keeps customers informed and ensures that a delivery fleet is being utilised as efficiently as possible.

The benefits of fleet optimisation

Companies using Trakm8’s route optimisation software found that fleet efficiency was increased by 33% and fuel bills reduced by 20%. 

By providing drivers with intuitively planned delivery routes, fleet assets can be driven more efficiently – ensuring drivers can fulfil more orders, without increasing time on the road or fuel expenditure. What’s more, Trakm8’s route planning platform can be personalised by delivery businesses, with a function that enables them to send real-time updates to customers on the progress of their order.

How it works

Fleet optimisation considers a range of factors to decide the most efficient routes for your fleet, helping to reduce operating cost and improve driver productivity. By considering multiple factors, ranging from fleet size, traffic conditions, number of drop-offs and even customer requests, Trakm8’s software has proven capabilities in improving end-user delivery experience.

Customer benefits

Trakm8’s highly customisable solution enables fleets to take total control of their customer interaction. Managers can choose when customers get notified, and about what, by setting triggers for automated communication, allowing customers to know when their delivery is scheduled and when it will arrive.  Managing customer expectations is made easier by using planned and expected times of delivery alerts. Trakm8’s solution to route optimisation will allow precise delivery times, improving the customer experience.

The benefits of customisation are clear. Not only does the customer experience improve, but it affords companies the opportunity to promote and share products and services to customers, making the most of update emails. Electronic proof of delivery can also be added to speed up the delivery process and further increase customer satisfaction.

Route optimisation software can be used for efficient delivery in all stages of the supply chain whether the fleet is HGVs, vans, trucks and cars, mixed fleets, or specialising in last mile delivery.

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