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Made in Britain – Innovative Fleet Management Solutions

Based in the West Midlands, Trakm8 is the largest manufacturer of telematics devices in the UK – and is proud to hold the Made in Britain marque. We hold a unique position in our industry, thanks to owning all the intellectual property (IP) in our value chain. Crucially, this gives us the capability to react quickly to changes in the telematics market, and enables us to provide leading-edge products and solutions tailored to the specific needs of major fleets.

In the past two financial years, Trakm8 has invested more than £9 million in research and development (R&D), taking our product portfolio far beyond basic vehicle tracking. This resulted in industry-leading innovations, including the design and manufacture of what we believe is the most compact GSM dongle on the UK market – the only plug-in telematics device to fit the latest version of the popular Ford Fiesta.

A mark of our commitment to innovation is that we already hold two patents – and have more pending.

Vehicle Health Pioneer

Trakm8 was one of the first telematics manufacturers to offer its customers regular updates on the status of each vehicle’s battery. Our telematics devices run a series of checks, providing feedback on the health of the battery.

A faulty or flat battery is one of the most common causes of a breakdown or non-start. Trakm8 improves this aspect of fleet management, as the fleet manager can clearly see when a vehicle’s battery is suffering a fault or requires replacing due to degradation.

Trakm8 pioneered this process and holds a patent for its Battery Health Monitoring Application. This was filed in 2015 and granted in May 2018. Building on this success, Trakm8 has now developed Connectedcare, a unique vehicle health system which is proven to reduce the frequency of costly vehicle breakdowns.

Focus on Safety

Our substantial investment in research and development underpins industry-leading technology, such as the award-winning RH600, the UK’s most powerful 4G telematics camera.

As part of our philosophy of continuous improvement, we have developed advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for the RH600, to further improve road safety. These include tailgating alerts for both the driver and the fleet or transport manager. Once again, Trakm8 has led the industry in the development of a tailgating detector and was granted a GB patent for this technology in June 2019.

Tailgating, or following too close to the vehicle in front, is the second-highest cause of a road traffic incident involving a light commercial vehicle (LCV), according to Department for Transport (DfT) figures. It is illegal – and drivers found guilty of following too close face fines of up to £100 and three penalty points.

The RH600 telematics camera uses its forward-facing camera to monitor the distance and closing speed to the vehicle ahead; and creates an event if a collision becomes likely. It also creates a proximity alert to prevent tailgating. Both events include an audio and visual alert to the driver, as well as a notification to the fleet manager, which can be configured to include a photo of the incident.

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