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Insight 2.11.30 Release Notes

The latest version of Insight, 2.11.30, is now live for all Insight platform customers. This latest release features a number of improvements and fixes, including:

Compatible tiers: Essentials, Business & Enterprise

This new feature allows Trakm8 SWIFT customers to trial INSIGHT,  Trakm8’s latest fleet management portal. The automated trial feature allows SWIFT admin users to trial the newer system for 30 days at the push of a button.

The trial automation, when triggered, moves vehicles, users and groups into the new portal so that system users can trial the benefits of the enhanced Insight system. After initiating the trial, users will receive an email invite where they can register to their new trial environment. 

Compatible tiers: Essentials, Business & Enterprise

Insight customers can now upgrade the Insight product tier that they are using for a more enhanced experience. 

The Insight portal is divided into three main tiers; Insight Essentials, Business & Enterprise. Insight Business allows for full customisation of dashboards, reports, alerts and portal themes as well as additional features such as daily vehicle checks via the Insight app and the crash workbench tool too. Insight’s premium tier, Enterprise, contains all of the personalisation and additional features that are included in Insight business but also allows users to utilise Trakm8’s routing, scheduling & EPOD (Electronic Proof of Delivery) tools via Insight Optimisation. 

The tier upgrades can now be completed so that the settings and resources that have been created in a customer’s current Insight organisation are persisted within the new tier, without having to start from scratch! Should a customer be interested in learning more about upgrading their current product tier then they can either contact their account manager or contact Trakm8 via the support centre. 

Compatible tiers: Essentials, Business & Enterprise

The latest version of Insight introduces new guided tours that will act as in-house training on reports for users. This is helpful for brand new system users and will provide a tour and overview on creating, running and scheduling reports. 

The tours can be accessed for existing users also and can be accessed using the avatar icon, seen at the top right-hand side of the dashboard.

Compatible tiers: Essentials, Business & Enterprise

Enhanced report cache settings allow users to retrieve the latest data on their fleet. The same report can now be generated and refreshed multiple times a day in order to display the most up to date metrics and events. 

Insight Release Notes

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