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Insight 2.12.0 Release Notes

We are pleased to announce our latest release of Insight, 2.12.0, with an array of new features now live for all customers. Our development team has been busy adding several new features and enhancements in this release. Here are the highlights:

Cost of charging per location

Compatible Insight tiers: Essentials, Business & Enterprise

Insight’s latest release now allows users to report more comprehensively on the cost of charging for their Electric Vehicle (EV) fleet. In addition to the price per KwH that users can configure via the administration page, users can now also dictate specific charge costs for geofence and depot locations. This feature means that the Insight system can support varying charge costs dependent on the location of the vehicle’s charging session. 

For reporting purposes, the Insight system cross references EV charge events with the price applied to the location that the vehicle was charging at in order to provide a more precise cost. 

The cost per KwH for charge locations can be applied either when creating or editing a depot or geofence. 

Depot Types

Compatible tiers: Essentials, Business & Enterprise

Depot types are now supported, meaning that when configured, key information relating to a depot or site can be inherited by individual depots. This works in a way that is very similar to the existing ‘vehicle types’ feature on the system. 

A depot type can be created within the administration page where users can configure key criteria about the location. The depot type can then be allocated to individual depots either manually or by import so that the relevant depots can inherit the below settings:

  • Working hours
  • Optimisation configuration settings
  • Depot speed profile and compliance
  • Efficiency configuration settings

Managing these settings via depot types means reduced administration time for users and ensures that groups of depots that should share characteristics can be updated from a single place. 

Add PDF format reports

Compatible tiers: Essentials, Business & Enterprise

Insight now supports PDF report exports, meaning that any report exported in the PDF format will match the report’s format as shown via the system. This is particularly helpful for visual reports that present driving behaviour scores and metrics via a colour coded system. 

FMS manufacturer specific fault code decoding

Compatible tiers: Business & Enterprise

Insight ConnectedCare support for HGV vehicles has been enhanced so that any Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) reported by a unit installed into a HGV vehicle type can now be better reviewed in the Insight system. This feature enhancement covers both the naming and the description that is provided when a pending or a stored DTC event is triggered from the vehicle’s ECU. 

Resource sharing reminders

Compatible tiers: Essentials, Business & Enterprise

Insight now prompts users to share resources that they have created within the platform. This covers new reports, dashboards & geofences and allows the resource’s creator to share with individual users or groups of users who all share a specific role. The resource creator can also determine whether the user/s that they have shared the resource with can edit the resource or view it as read only. 

This feature is particularly helpful when setting up new features in the system, as when they are first created all reports, dashboards and geofences are visible to only their creator by default. Being able to share resources during their creation allows for a much smoother work-flow and user experience.

Lower resolution improvements

Compatible tiers: Essentials, Business & Enterprise

A number of user interface enhancements now allow the experience of Insight to be optimised on screens with lower resolution, including laptop and tablet devices. This means that users can benefit from Insight dashboards and visuals regardless of how they access the system. 

Insight Release Notes

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