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Insight 2.8.32 Release Notes

We’ve recently launched the latest version of Insight (2.8.32), this is now live for all Insight customers. Our development team has been busy adding several new features and enhancements in this release. Here are the highlights:

Scoring Weight customisation

Insight users can now modify the weights on the scoring algorithms for each metric category (such as overall score, safety score, efficiency score). This can be modified at both an organisational and vehicle type level. 

Users can configure the values of metric constants via a sliding bar input. 

Score Modifier

The changes made are effective from the point of actioning. This allows for bespoke reporting on metrics that are tailored to the user’s organisation. 

Example: Using the screenshot example above, users can increase or reduce the weighting of each individual metric that comprises the safety score. The individual metrics (acceleration, speeding, cornering and braking) are evenly weighted as standard. If the speeding metric weight was increased then this would make the impact on the safety score more severe when a speeding exception is logged.

Compatible Insight tiers: Enterprise & Insurance

Cases to be able to sort list by Branch/Depot

This case management tool update allows users to sort their cases by the depot that the vehicle is allocated to. This allows for a more flexible view of the cases that have been raised from an organisational level, allowing users to progress cases by location more effectively.

Compatible Insight tiers: Business & Enterprise

Configurable speed tolerance percentages

This update allows users to define speed category thresholds that are allocated to ‘vehicle types’. In addition to being able to configure the vehicle type’s speeding sensitivity and default speeding threshold percentage, users can now quantify a speeding threshold percentage based on the nominal road speed. This means that users can apply varying over-speed thresholds that are specific to both the vehicle type and the mandated road speed.

Compatible Insight tiers: Business & Enterprise

Aggregated scoring

Aggregated scoring allows users to report on driving behaviour metrics over a given time period. Currently scoring is applied and limited to being journey by journey data. Collecting this same data as an aggregate allows for more flexible triggers and reports within the system, looking at scores as an average over a 14 or 90 day period. 

Compatible Insight tiers: Business, Enterprise & Insurance

Cancel running reports

Users now have the option to cancel running reports that they no longer require. This is particularly helpful if a user has selected the wrong resources or timeframe to apply to the report. Cancelling the running report allows the user to manually clear their reports queue. 

Compatible Insight tiers: Essentials, Business, Enterprise & Insurance

Update to Livetrack view of vehicles ‘in transit’

This update makes it clearer to view the current location and journey snail trail when viewing a vehicle that is in transit. The icon seen via the snail trail has been updated in order to make the most recent journey plot more prominent. 

Livetrack Snailtrail

Compatible Insight tiers: Essentials, Business & Enterprise

Livetrack ‘tags’ tab

The livetrack widget has been updated to allow users to make selections from their tags via the new tab at the bottom of the widget. This allows users to map the vehicles that share the same tag as well as making it easier for users to view data from resources that share the tag. 

The addition of the ‘tags’ tab allows users to filter any perspective and its associated data by all resources under a certain tag. This allows for a more flexible way of reviewing data in the organisation. 

Compatible Insight tiers: Essentials, Business & Enterprise

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