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Insight 2.9.33 Release Notes

Insight 2.9.33 is now live for all customers. Our development team has added several new features and enhancements, including:

Utilisation reporting

Insight’s new utilisation report allows user’s to report on the usage status of their resources. The report allows for a layered view of the data:

  • Level 1: Organisational view of average scores and metrics
  • Level 2: Branch/depot level view of utilisation utilisation score and metrics 
  • Level 3: Vehicle level view of individual scores and metrics for the resource

The report uses the working times that are applied at a vehicle or vehicle type level (these can be applied within the dedicated administration menu). If no working times are applied then the ‘available working time’ for the vehicles default to 24 hours. 

Users can also apply ‘default working times’ that are inherited by all vehicles within their organisation, this can be actioned within Admin > Company settings. 

The way in which utilisation is reported can be updated to reflect different user cases, for example:

Haulage utilisation – resource is seen to be utilised when driving 

Service engineer utilisation – resource is seen to be utilised when parked at customer site

Compatible Insight tiers: Business & Enterprise

Unsubscribe from Insight emails 

Email recipients can now unsubscribe from email reports and alerts via a link within the body of the email. This means that the users can stop receiving these comms based on their preference. 

System users and administrators can determine whether the user can unsubscribe from the comms when they are creating the report schedule or alert.

Compatible Insight tiers: Essentials. Business & Enterprise

Service and maintenance report enhancements

The vehicle maintenance report has been enhanced and now includes additional fields as well as a status that is attributed to the vehicle’s service, tax and MOT information.

The information associated with each vehicle can be updated within the vehicle’s administration menu.

Compatible Insight tiers: Business & Enterprise

SMS alerts & reminders*

Insight now allows for SMS notifications and reminders. This feature requires the SMS provider to be configured via Insight administration (Adminstration > Notifications & alerts > settings).

SMS alerts can be enabled via triggers and reminders. When creating a trigger or reminder, there is now an additional option for SMS when selecting the outcome of ‘notification’. 

*This feature is subject to additional usage charges of 5p per SMS consumed.

SMS Provider
SMS Alert

Compatible Insight tiers: Business & Enterprise

Electric Vehicles cost reporting

This new feature allows users to apply a cost rate, as an organisation setting, to electric vehicles that are being charged within their fleet. 

This works by applying a constant setting that is attributed to the amount of energy that’s being used per hour (kWh = Kilowatt hour) and can be reported on for total cost over a selected timeframe. 

Compatible Insight tiers: Business & Enterprise

Insight Release Notes

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