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Multifleet partners with Trakm8 to launch Run Your Fleet Connect

Multifleet, one of the UK’s largest fleet management and leasing companies, has partnered with Trakm8 to launch Run Your Fleet Connect, enabling a more proactive approach to vehicle maintenance.

Multifleet manages more than 26,000 vehicles across 1,000 businesses through its Run Your Fleet division, as well as directly operating a leasing business with a fleet of more than 1,000 vehicles. With such an extensive fleet to manage, Multifleet approached Trakm8 to gain greater insight into the performance of its vehicles and how it could enhance its maintenance programme.

Previously, Multifleet operated vehicle checks and servicing on a set timetable, in reaction to a breakdown or driver report. By utilising the innovative technology from Trakm8, Run Your Fleet Connect provides a holistic view of the performance and condition of its entire fleet at a glance. Multifleet can also contact drivers directly when a minor issue occurs, preventing a serious fault from developing.

The new partnership has enabled Multifleet to enhance its customer service offering by introducing Run Your Fleet Connect and Run Your Fleet Connect+. Both products give Multifleet vehicle users access to detailed data on vehicle health, while Run Your Fleet Connect+ offers driver behaviour feedback and GPS data. Additionally, Multifleet can now offer Trakm8’s entire suite of vehicle technology to its customers.

Chris Horbowyj, Channel Sales Director at Trakm8, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with the Multifleet team to bring the benefits of our telematics hardware and software to their customers. Multifleet is one of a growing list of fleet management and leasing businesses with access to Trakm8 devices as channel partners and we’re excited to introduce more drivers and fleet managers to our technology throughout 2021.”

The connected, proactive service delivered through Run Your Fleet Connect, in combination with the near elimination of the need for manual driver reporting, has allowed Multifleet to reduce vehicle off road time. Trakm8’s technology reduces the need for fleet drivers to report a wide range of vehicle faults, an ongoing issue in the fleet management sector, as the reporting rate for managed vehicles often falls under that of personal ones.

Steve Whitmarsh, Managing Director at Multifleet, said: “Our partnership with Trakm8 represents a real step-change for our business and has allowed us to rapidly improve the service we provide to customers. A new, more proactive approach to vehicle maintenance has already started to make its effects clear and we’re beginning to see a significant uptick in vehicle on road time.

“We really believe in the technology provided by Trakm8, enabling us to provide Run Your Fleet Connect as standard with our maintained lease contracts, while also making it available to our fleet managed customers. Technology such as this will have an ever more important role in fleet management in future and we’re delighted to be offering this forward-thinking approach to such a wide array of customers.”

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