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On the road to recovery: Trakm8 explores fleet opportunities post-pandemic

If the COVID-19 crisis has taught the fleet sector anything, it is that the industry is every bit as malleable and adaptive as its proponents suggest. The onset of the pandemic has indelibly changed how – and when – we drive for business, in some cases forcing organisations to make significant changes to their fleet offering overnight.

With the continued easing of lockdown restrictions and the government outlining ambitious commitments to ‘building back better’, it is clear that the fleet industry will play a pivotal role in the nationwide recovery effort.

Here at Trakm8, we believe that the fleet sector will play a vital role in the UK’s post pandemic recovery strategy. As the UK’s leading vehicle technology provider, we are committed to standing beside businesses, ensuring they have access to all of the telematics solutions they need to optimise their fleet and take advantages of the opportunities that lie ahead.

Driver behaviour

The pandemic has forced many businesses to reassess their finances and consider ways of saving money. For those that have an active fleet provision, fuel expenditure can be one of the most significant overheads, which is why Trakm8 has pioneered technology to help businesses drive down fuel spend.

Our driver behaviour solutions have been proven to reduce fuel costs by as much as 10%, alongside decreasing instances of speeding and even helping businesses negotiate lower insurance premiums thanks to reductions in their ‘at-fault’ incident rates.

Businesses are also our monitoring technology to minimise harsh braking events. Such behaviour increases vehicle wear and tear, reducing the residual value of the vehicle over time. The driver behaviour solution from Insight allows fleet managers to understand incidents of harsh braking, ultimately giving rise to training opportunities for drivers.

Insight Optimisation

The global pandemic exacerbated demand spikes throughout a number of supply chains, from personal protective equipment to grocery items. In times of peak demand, maintaining and improving the efficiency of operations through AI-based route planning becomes paramount.

Insight Optimisation is Trakm8’s intuitive route planning solution which uses big data to handle even the most complex fleet requirements. It’s proven to cut fuel expenditure by up to 20% and increase productivity by up to 33%. Maximising the concept of useable data, rather than planning a simple A to B route, Insight Optimisation takes into account the size and capabilities of your fleet and applies them efficiently to the task at hand, whether that’s five or five thousand deliveries a day.


The RH600 Dashboard Camera is the world’s most advanced 4G telematics camera, providing drivers and fleet managers alike with a fully integrated and truly cutting edge solution.

Combining the rich data collected by Trakm8’s intelligent telematics devices with an industry-leading in-cab camera system, the RH600 represents one of the most cost-effective pieces of technology currently available to the fleet and commercial vehicle industry. The RH600 can be used as a traditional dash cam, with its dual-camera option providing a 280-degree field of view, making the gathering of evidence post-collision easier than ever before

The RH600 is the perfect device for the era of the grey fleet, offering unparalleled flexibility to fleet managers and drivers, the RH600’s camera heads can be removed and repositioned anywhere in the cab, providing total traceability for monitoring the driver but also affording them ultimate privacy when using the vehicle for personal travel.


At a time when businesses are watching the bottom line like never before, costly assets – including fleet vehicles – need to be in top condition, to ensure they’re delivering maximum ROI.

Through deep CANbus connectivity, users can gain remote access to readings directly from the dashboard or instrument cluster. These include diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and dashboard warning lights from cars, light commercial vehicles and plant equipment via easy-to-use web portals and mobile apps.

Access to this detailed information not only provides companies with the provision of trend analysis across all vehicles, but also with the ability to alert vehicle users to address minor issues before they become major problems. In addition, Connectedcare opens up additional revenue opportunities, as companies can proactively signpost vehicle users to approved dealerships or authorised service, maintenance and repair (SMR) partners.

Connect 200

 With the shift towards grey fleets gathering pace, the thoughts of fleet managers nationwide will be turning to the solutions available to help best manage that transition.

Here at Trakm8, our Connect 200 device has been designed with flexibility front of mind, making it the ideal telematics solution for fleets having to adapt to new ways of working.

Providing 100% compatibility and requiring just a 12v Aux socket for full connectivity, the solution is able to provide unparalleled levels of support for the grey fleet market, as it can be easily removed and reinstalled for business travel only, the device’s button can be pressed to designate journey types, or the device can be switched easily between vehicles.

Alongside its adaptability, the Connect 200 can also help bolster driver safety – always a critical concern for fleet managers. The system comes with real time vehicle tracking, via Trakm8’s Insight Portal and iOS/Android apps, which can also provide a driver behaviour score on a number of key metrics, including acceleration, braking, cornering and speeding. The data accumulated here can then be used by fleet managers to identify training opportunities for their drivers, reducing the risk of accidents and vehicle downtime.

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