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Trakm8 urges action on driver fatigue accidents

Trakm8 is urging the fleet industry to act on the perils of driver fatigue, after a recent report by road safety charity Brake! found it to be as dangerous as drink-driving.

According to the report, as many as 20% of all road collisions are caused by driver fatigue, with 1 in 8 drivers surveyed admitting to have fallen asleep at the wheel. While police statistics show tiredness contributes to around 4% of fatal road accidents here in the UK, the true estimate could be much higher, as fatigue is much harder to spot than other causal factors, such as alcohol or drugs.

The report will make alarming reading for commercial fleet managers, with the report suggesting ‘at-work drivers’ are most at risk from fatigue. This is because they typically spend a significant amount of time at the wheel, with statistics revealing 4 in 10 tiredness-related crashes involve a commercial vehicle.

But how can fleet managers safeguard against this? Alongside ensuring personnel are taking proper rest-breaks and investing in safety training, technology can play a vital role in reducing the risks of driver fatigue.

Trakm8 has configured a number of solutions with the unique needs of commercial driver’s front of mind. Chris Woods, Head of Enterprise Sales at Trakm8, explains: “Fatigue is one of the most dangerous conditions a driver can find themselves in, with it impairing alertness, responsiveness and risk assessment functions – all vital when behind the wheel. While it’s impossible to ever truly eliminate the dangers of driver tiredness, telematics technology can play its part in helping remove major risk factors.

“Our RH600 telematics camera can provide valuable peace of mind in the fight against driver fatigue. The innovative two camera solution enables fleet operators to proactively monitor drivers and identify any risks before they escalate to an incident.”

“Additionally, Trakm8’s Insight Optimisation route management software has been designed to take the hassle out of route planning for drivers, leaving them with all the headspace they need to focus on driving safety. The Insight Optimisation platform can also bring down instances of driver speeding, by providing the most efficient route, redirecting around traffic and seamlessly keeping the customer informed via regular updates and accurate ETA. The system can even be used to plan in driver breaks, with the telematics data informing the fleet manager as to whether the full break was taken.”

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