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Trakm8 urges fleets to optimise to make it through winter rush

December and January are traditionally periods of peak pressure for delivery businesses, with Christmas and the accompanying New Year sales driving a surge in consumer demand.

Couple that with the prolonged sub-zero temperatures we’ve been experiencing this year and the ongoing spike in fuel prices, the winter months look set to be a challenge for even the most robust of fleet businesses.

With more deliveries and the same number of drivers and vehicles, fleets must work harder and faster to meet demand and deliver a quality service to customers.

The cost-of-living-crisis is being felt by almost everyone, reducing profit margins through the ever-rising overhead costs. For fleets fuel is more costly than ever, so ensuring vehicles are working smarter – not harder – is key.

Route optimisation software helps fleets to make the most of a vehicle’s journey, intuitively plotting delivery points to ensure each fleet asset is being utilised in the best way. Not only can such software help businesses achieve significant savings on fuel expenditure, it maximises productivity, too. Route Optimisation software is proven to increase fleet productivity by up to 33% and cut fleet fuel bills by up to 20%.

Trakm8’s route optimisation and planning software is fully customisable for fleet managers managing day to day fleet activity. The specialist software can be customised for single or multiple depots, any fleet size, and has an array of proof of delivery options.

This means that fleets can work smarter to find real savings on fuel costs and manage vehicle use more effectively. It also helps businesses achieve a greater ROI on their fleet spend and works to toward preventing unforeseen issues with more in-depth analytics and reporting on vehicle health, use and driver performance.

Nick Guise, Group Marketing Manager at Trakm8, said: “Optimisation of fleet operations can be revolutionary for fleets. Especially when working in busy periods, optimisation not only helps achieve game-changing savings on fuel costs, but it allows drivers to maximise their delivery routes and save time.

“At Trakm8 we have a wide range of experience developing solutions and helping fleets to implement cutting edge technologies and software, which are adaptable to fleets of a variety of sizes and provide intelligence and insights that reduce risk and boost efficiency across their operations.”

Trakm8 urges fleets to optimise to make it through winter rush

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