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What is GPS Fleet Tracking?

Fleet tracking is an extremely useful tool for any company that uses vehicles as part of its operations. While various forms of fleet tracking exist, huge leaps in technology in recent years have led to a new generation of fleet tracking software and equipment.

Old tracking systems often relied on using phones and radios to provide updates about location, but this type of tracking is slow, inaccurate, and inefficient. The new generation of technology, on the other hand, is changing the way businesses manage their fleets, offering significant time and money-saving benefits and a range of features that go far beyond older systems.

Are you considering implementing or updating your fleet tracking system but don’t know where to start? In this post, we look at what modern GPS fleet tracking is, how it’s helping businesses across the world, and how you can integrate it into your operations quickly and cost-effectively.

What is fleet tracking?

At its most basic level, fleet tracking is any system that enables businesses to monitor their vehicle fleets. The simplest form of fleet tracking only tracks vehicle location, but more advanced systems can track many other useful metrics.

When people talk about fleet tracking today, they’re referring to GPS-based systems. However, within the field of GPS tracking, there are several types of systems that have varying capabilities. These can range from simple tracking via apps on drivers’ mobile phones, to more advanced systems using specially designed devices installed in vehicles that constantly gather and transmit data.

What industries use fleet tracking?

GPS fleet tracking can be used by any industry that involves fleets of vehicles, making it an important technology for almost every industry on the planet. Some examples of industries that commonly use fleet tracking include retail, manufacturing, construction, logistics & transport, and many more.

What else can modern fleet tracking do?

While the most simple forms of fleet tracking only involve live location tracking via GPS, most modern fleet tracking systems also incorporate other types of information. This is known as fleet telematics and can include a wide range of types of data, including:

  • Fuel usage
  • Idling tracking
  • Location history
  • Battery usage
  • Braking reports
  • Engine faults
  • Crash data

In many modern fleet telematics and fleet tracking systems, the various types of data collected from the vehicles will be transmitted live to analytics software, so all the information can be categorised and viewed in real-time.

What are the main benefits of fleet tracking?

Fleet tracking can have a range of transformative benefits to any business, saving you time and money across your operations. Some of the main benefits include:

Spend less on fuel

Tracking the movement of vehicles and driving data for all of your drivers, gives you detailed insight into how your fleet uses fuel. With this insight, it’s far easier to identify areas where fuel is being wasted, such as low-economy driving habits, inefficient routes, excessive idling time, and so on. This makes it simple to make small changes that can add up to big fuel savings across the entire fleet, cutting operating costs significantly.

Fewer accidents and lower maintenance costs

Tracking detailed driving data across your entire fleet can help you improve driving habits and encourage safer driving habits. This can lower the rate of accidents, resulting in a safer environment for drivers and protecting your business’ reputation. Additionally, improved driving habits and lower accident rates can lead to lower maintenance costs for your fleet.

Save money on insurance

Insurance is a necessary and expensive part of running a fleet. However, implementing fleet tracking can cut insurance premiums. Insurers value fleet tracking and fleet telematics for several reasons. For example, using these systems can reduce the rate of accidents due to safer driving habits. This results in premiums up to 50% lower than for companies that don’t use fleet tracking and fleet telematics.

Optimise vehicle usage

Knowing where all vehicles are at all times can be hugely beneficial in planning fleet logistics and optimising vehicle/driver use. It can be particularly helpful in busy periods and for last-minute changes, as you can quickly change plans to utilise nearby vehicles for a job. This improved efficiency and flexibility enable you to adapt to dynamic conditions without financial loss.

Save time

Monitoring, organising, and tracking a fleet of vehicles can be seriously challenging and extremely time-consuming. Advanced fleet tracking software handles a lot of the most time-consuming elements of the work for you, automating tracking, data collection, and various logistical tasks, freeing up time for your employees to focus on other important work.

Get next-generation fleet tracking for your business

A leading provider of GPS fleet tracking and fleet telematics technology, Trackm8 helps you track the location of your entire fleet in real time and monitor a range of other useful telematics to improve efficiency. Read more in our Guide to Fleet Tracking.

 Beyond our advanced fleet tracking systems, we provide other innovative technology for electronic proof of delivery, fleet management, fleet optimisation, and more. Our range of advanced logistics solutions, helps you simplify your fleet management, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

We create custom fleet tracking and fleet telematics solutions for clients from small independent operators to multinational fleets and household names including Iceland Foods, the AA, and more.

Based in Coleshill, UK, where the vast majority of our products are designed, developed, and manufactured, Trakm8 proudly holds the ‘Made in Britain’ marque.

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