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Why fleet tracking is important

Fleet tracking is a powerful technology that can greatly simplify the process of fleet management. Various forms of fleet tracking systems are used by countless businesses worldwide to help monitor vehicle fleets. It’s a truly vital part of many companies’ operations, but what makes fleet tracking so important?

In this post, we take a look at fleet tracking and what makes it so important to businesses worldwide.

What is fleet tracking?

Fleet tracking, at its most basic, is a system used to monitor the location of vehicles from a remote location. Modern fleet tracking systems use GPS technology to give precise, up-to-date information about vehicle location, wherever they are in the world.

These vary in their complexity and design, ranging from simple mobile phone-based tracking to custom devices, installed in vehicles, that monitor a range of metrics in addition to just location. These can include driving habits, idling time, collision data, and much more, and these advanced systems are often referred to as fleet telematics systems.

Some fleet tracking systems involve specialised software platforms that help to collect, display, and store vehicle data, helping users make use of it quickly and efficiently.

Who can use fleet tracking?

Essentially, any business in any industry that uses vehicles can make use of fleet tracking software. For example, organisations involved in delivery, logistics, public transport, construction, healthcare, and more regularly rely on fleet tracking systems as part of their daily operations.

Why is fleet tracking important?

Fleet tracking and fleet telematics have advanced greatly in recent years, and more metrics than ever can be collected with ease. Beyond just location, such systems can now track a whole range of vehicle data and can transform the way you manage your fleet, saving you time and money. Some of the key benefits include:

Route optimisation

By letting you know where every one of your vehicles is and the route they’re taking, you can easily determine the best routes for them to take. This can result in getting jobs done faster, saving you money and keeping customers happy.

More efficient use of vehicles

Knowing vehicle location and status at all times can also help you stay agile and responsive to any new tasks that arise, such as unexpected changes, driver absences, and so on. This can improve operational efficiency significantly and help you utilise each vehicle as optimally as possible.

Fuel savings

Fleet tracking can cut fuel use by up to 11% in several key ways. Firstly, by helping you find the most efficient routes and optimising fleet use, vehicles often need to travel shorter distances. Secondly, by measuring other metrics like acceleration, braking, idling, and more, many fleet tracking (or fleet telematics) systems can help your drivers follow more fuel-efficient driving habits. In turn, this can cut down your fuel budget significantly, as well as reducing your company’s carbon emissions.

Safer driving

With fleet tracking systems monitoring vehicle use and driving habits, it’s simple to identify dangerous areas and high-risk driving habits then encourage safer practices across your fleet. This can reduce collision rates, keeping your drivers safe, protecting your vehicles and helping you maintain a good reputation.

Lower insurance premiums

Having fleet tracking and telematics systems installed in your fleet of vehicles is associated with safer driving and a lower accident rate. Insurance companies recognise this and therefore generally offer lower insurance premiums to organisations using the systems in their fleets. Using certain kinds of fleet tracking systems can actually cut your insurance premiums by as much as 50%. 

Customer service improvements

Fleet tracking can translate into better customer service in a number of ways. For example, deliveries and other jobs involving vehicles can be completed more quickly, resulting in more satisfied customers. Additionally, some tracking software enables you to offer businesses location updates for their orders, enhancing the customer experience.

Simpler data collection

Fleet tracking devices and software make it incredibly easy to collect large amounts of data on your vehicle location, fleet usage, driving habits, collisions, and much more, then store, analyse, and visualise it. This greatly simplifies the use of data in your business, saving you time and money over outdated data collection methods.

Vehicle longevity

Safe driving habits and fewer collisions can result in less damage to vehicles, less maintenance, and longer fleet lifespan. This can significantly reduce vehicle-related costs, which are often some of the biggest drains on budgets.

Real-time updates and alerts

With the right fleet tracking systems using advanced GPS tracking and data transmission, you can expect to reliably receive real-time updates on many key vehicle metrics. This helps you respond quickly and centrally monitor your entire fleet more effectively.

Simpler workflows

The ability to monitor your entire fleet from a remote location makes fleet management easy. This reduces burdens on your fleet management teams, helping them focus on the most important areas of their work and boosting efficiency.

Next-generation fleet management systems for your business

Trackm8’s advanced fleet tracking and fleet telematics systems enable you to monitor and track your entire fleet in real time, along with a wide range of vehicle and driving metrics. Read more in our Guide to Fleet Tracking.

We also offer various other fleet technologies for electronic proof of delivery, fleet optimisation, fleet management, and more. Our product range of advanced logistics solutions helps you cut costs, and improve efficiency.

Our custom fleet tracking and fleet telematics products are enjoyed by a diverse client base ranging from small independent businesses to multinational fleets and household names including Iceland Foods, the AA, and more.

Based in Coleshill, UK, where the vast majority of our products are designed, developed, and manufactured, Trakm8 proudly holds the ‘Made in Britain’ marque.

Get in touch with the team today to learn how our innovative fleet management technology can help you.

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