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Your vehicle could have striking similarities to a Bugatti Chiron

The Chiron is not just a masterpiece of mechanical engineering; it is also has a telemetry system that, according to CNET Magazine, ‘takes things to another level’.

Providing it is travelling within an area of mobile network coverage, the Chiron transmits real-time data directly to Bugatti’s headquarters and is able to inform engineers of any potential problems with the car’s performance. This allows the company to then advise its affluent customers on how the problem can be resolved, or to determine whether an engineer needs to jet out to complete maintenance work.

Sounds clever, right?

You may be surprised to learn that this level of connectivity isn’t exclusively reserved for cars with a $2.5million price tag. At Trakm8, we have developed a telematics solution that is remarkably similar to the telemetry used by the supercar giant. In fact, Trakm8 enables businesses across a variety of industries to make use of remote vehicle and battery diagnostics and provide a Bugatti-style service to its customers at a tiny fraction of the cost.

By using plug-in or hard-wired dongles, Trakm8 can retrieve diagnostics data from the on-board diagnostics port (OBDII) or CANbus of almost any vehicle manufactured after 1996 as part of a standard solution. In a similar way to a mechanic retrieving fault codes through a diagnostics machine at a garage, Trakm8’s telematics devices are able to transmit vehicle or battery malfunctions over the air to notify businesses or drivers of underlying problems that may cause breakdowns and non-starts.

What’s more, vehicle health alerts are just one piece of the jigsaw in terms of telematics solutions offered by Trakm8. From the same device, businesses can also use the system for vehicle tracking, driver behaviour alerts, geo-fencing and to simplify mileage related admin.

The telematics device can detect hundreds of faults from engine misfires to problems with sensors which are stored on the device in the following categories:

• Pending faults – A pending fault is a new fault recognised by the Engine Control Unit (ECU). These faults may clear by themselves.

• Stored faults – The same faults have been recognised multiple times in succession and has progressed from ‘Pending’ to ‘Stored’. Once the fault enters this category, the vehicle will require attention by a garage or engineer to clear the fault from the ECU.

• Permanent – A permanent fault can only be removed from the ECU by conducting maintenance work on the vehicle.

Businesses such as the AA are currently using Trakm8’s devices remote diagnostics data to help breakdown customers determine faults within their vehicles via a smartphone app. Their new Car Genie product not only assists their customers in preventing issues that may cause a breakdown but also helps the company with roadside recovery if a breakdown does occur. Similar to Bugatti’s system, the AA is able to identify specific fault codes remotely and the location of the vehicle; making it simple to decipher whether a recovery truck is required or whether the problem can be fixed at the roadside.

For insurance companies, this can create a useful value-added proposition for customers that choose to take out telematics policies. Insurers use Trakm8’s devices and data to score risk among their policyholders and to recognise when vehicles that have been involved in an accident before receiving a call from their driver. Some also choose to create mobile apps which not only allow drivers to view their driving behaviour to make improvements but also to actively monitor the health of their vehicle and prevent breakdowns.

Similarly, many fleet customers also use vehicle health alerts in order to minimise downtime and better plan required repairs. By establishing fault codes remotely, fleet managers can maintenance work in a way that doesn’t affect driver schedules or, more importantly, their customers. Alternatively, drivers can be informed if their vehicle requires immediate attention in order to prevent unexpected breakdowns.

If you would like to find out more about our telematics solutions, fill out the short form below and one of our team will be in touch. Alternatively, call us on 0330 311 5157 or email us at

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