About Trakm8 Insurance Solutions

We offer a complete end-to-end solution, and we are a trusted partner for many of the top insurers in the UK.

About Trakm8 Insurance Solutions

We aim to address the distinctive needs of insurers to manage vehicles and their customers at scale through our innovative and market-leading integrated software, hardware, data, and digital solutions.

Our market-leading software includes a platform that provides insurers with a comprehensive solution allowing them to view and manage driving data and insights. The portal provides instant insight into journey information, exception reporting, fraud identifiers, driver scoring, alerts/messages and works seamlessly with our innovative app that gives policyholders an easy-to-use interface with an overview of their driver data and scoring. The app works as a platform for insurers to interact and connect with their customers.

How Trakm8 Works with Insurers

We aim to address the distinctive needs of insurers to manage vehicles and their customers at scale, through our innovative and market-leading integrated software, hardware, data, and digital solutions. We are a trusted partner for many of the top insurers in the UK.  

These true data insights are increasingly popular to facilitate Pay as You Drive (PAYD) and Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) policies. We provide insurance companies with a quick route to the telematics market and solutions that drive efficiencies, increase revenues, and facilitate new product lines.

Partners can work with us in two ways:

1) Our white-labelled end-to-end solution gives insurers a comprehensive and quick route to market and includes device fulfilment (delivery, installation, and data management) along with our market leading platform and policyholder app

2) Our UK manufactured range of devices can be used seamlessly with existing systems to offer accurate and timely data solutions to enhance current policies or launch new products

Driver Behaviour Insights

Our driver behaviour insights offer insurers an in-depth profile of their customers, empowering them with the data required to help understand and manage risk. Our cutting-edge algorithms analyse all forms of driving and behavioural data to provide true data driven insights.

Connectedcare Solutions

Our portfolio of Connectedcare solutions work alongside our data analytics to give insurers detailed insights into their customers vehicles, enabling them to further understand and manage individual risk profiles. These services include true odometer readings, service intervals, battery health, and diagnostics data helping to mitigate future traffic incidents and vehicle breakdowns.

UK Design, Development and Manufacturing

At Trakm8 we have over 250,000 units reporting to our servers, giving us one billion miles of data generated which means we can offer detailed driver and vehicle insights based on a wealth of analytical data to help you really understand your customers and their risk profiles.

Trakm8 designs, develops, and manufactures some of the most innovative telematics technology in the global market. We have two UK sites and one European location.

Trakm8 owns the entire process from design > manufacturing > implementation.

We manufacture industry-leading telematics hardware at our dedicated West Midlands-based facility and are proud to hold the Made in Britain marque. We offer a white-label solution for our plug and play devices and can ship these directly to policyholders along with conformity certificates and installation guides. In this way, we keep the fulfilment process smooth and simple for insurers while ensuring a great customer experience for policyholders.

Our Existing Insurance Clients

We work with leading UK insurers such as Direct Line Group, ByMiles, Ticker, Ingenie and LexisNexis.

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