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Trakm8 partner with CityFibre to support fleet growth & reduce Co2 emissions

Trakm8 and CityFibre, the UK’s largest independent full fibre platform, have partnered to equip CityFibre’s fleet of vans with the RH600 4G Integrated Telematics Camera to help monitor driving behaviour, improve fleet safety, and align with the company’s broader sustainability targets.

CityFibre is currently rolling out a full fibre network that will connect up to 8m premises across the UK, accounting for a third of the market. To assist with the rapid expansion and implementation of their full-fibre network, CityFibre needed a fleet of vans which would be used by both customer field engineers and field quality specialists for fibre optic cable installation.

Trakm8’s RH600 is a cutting-edge device that combines GPS tracking, telematics data capture, and high-definition video recording capabilities in a single unit. One of the key ways in which the RH600 Telematics Camera helps to cut emissions is by providing fleet managers with detailed insights into the performance of their vehicles and drivers. By providing real-time data insights, coaching, and feedback, the device can help to reduce fuel consumption, improve driver behaviour, and ultimately make fleets more efficient, safer, and more eco-friendly.

Joe Heidari, Fleet & Optimisation Sales Director at Trakm8, said: “Trakm8 is thrilled to have CityFibre as a valued customer, as they are an innovative and expanding brand. By incorporating Trakm8’s RH600 Telematics Camera, CityFibre can enhance driver safety while also making significant strides towards achieving their sustainability objectives. Trakm8 is excited to support CityFibre throughout their journey and looks forward to witnessing their future accomplishments.”

John Hall, Head of Customer Field Operations at CityFibre said: “Our commitment to reducing carbon emissions has led us to integrate a range of innovative solutions and we look forward to incorporating telematics into our fleet. By utilising Trakm8’s telematics technology, we can effectively manage our drivers’ well-being and work towards achieving our sustainability targets.

CityFibre Van

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