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Eurocoaches partners with Trakm8 to improve fleet safety

Eurocoaches, one of the largest minibus hire and coach hire operators in Bristol and the South West has invested in Trakm8’s RH600 4G Integrated Telematics Camera with the goal of enhancing the safety of its fleet of 150 vehicles.

Eurocoaches cover a multitude of services and operates a mixed fleet which consists of taxis, minibuses, coaches and double decker buses.

Eurocoaches prioritises fleet safety and accident prevention, and as a result, they partnered with Trakm8 to equip their fleet with the RH600 4G Integrated Telematics Camera. The RH600 cameras were tested successfully during a trial period and will be installed over the Easter period to further their efforts to enhance fleet safety and lower insurance premiums. The company also aims to monitor and manage their fleet more effectively, while empowering their staff to take responsibility for their driving habits. Furthermore, they plan to remotely obtain tacho data to ensure compliance with regulations.

The RH600 system, represents one of the most cost-effective pieces of technology currently available on the market. Trakm8’s RH600 is the most advanced 4G integrated telematics camera in the UK, combining rich telematics data with an industry-leading in-cab camera system, providing drivers and fleet managers alike with a fully integrated and truly cutting-edge solution.

William Sanzo, Director at Eurocoaches said: “The fleet we operate at Eurocoaches is the lifeblood of our business, so ensuring our drivers have all the support they need to work as safely and efficiently as possible is paramount to our wider success.

“The safety and well-being of our drivers was a driving force behind our decision to deploy the RH600 Telematics Camera across our fleet of vehicles. We were looking for a reliable supplier and solution that would help us prevent accidents, lower insurance premiums, reduce costs and ultimately protect our drivers. In addition, we were very impressed with the live streaming function, and it was extremely useful to have an internal camera that can be driver facing and also be moved around in our larger coaches. With Trakm8, we’ve found the perfect supplier that delivers exactly what we want. The results of our initial trials have been incredibly encouraging and we’re currently in the process of rolling out the RH600 across our entire fleet during the easter period.”

Joe Heidari, Fleet & Optimisation Sales Director at Trakm8 said: “We are delighted to add Eurocoaches to a lengthy list of well recognised brands already utilising our technology. We are pleased we have been able to meet the needs of Eurocoaches and support them in their journey to improve fleet safety, reduce insurance premiums and reduce cost.”


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