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Lavazza Professional saves time and money with Trakm8

Lavazza Professional supplies Klix vending systems and Flavia coffee brewers to businesses across the UK. It operates around 80 company cars for its technicians and sales team. The company recently changed telematics providers and found that installing Trakm8 telematics across its fleet has freed up a lot of time for employees.

Keeley Mayne, Area Service Manager for Lavazza Professional, said: “The reduced time it takes to do fuel reporting has made a major impact on our business. Before Trakm8, it took each driver 60 minutes a month to do their fuel reports. Now all they have to do is keep their Trakm8 app up to date and submit the data at the end of each month.

“That is a massive productivity boost – it means each of our engineers can complete an additional service call per month, because they are not messing around with spreadsheets. From an efficiency point of view it is saving us a huge amount of time and the engineers can focus on the job we want them to do, rather than administrative work on mileage.”

Trakm8’s user-friendly reporting system is also saving time at head office. “It takes us 15 minutes to run the fuel report for the whole company, when it used to take an entire day,” she added. “I work in a technical role so am not a specialist fleet manager – it is part of a wider role for me. However, working with Trakm8 has been a breeze. I use the telematics in my company car and it is so simple in comparison to what we had before.”

Trakm8 fitted its UK-manufactured tracking devices to the Lavazza Professional fleet, and provides a free app to each driver. “The drivers can use the app for editing business and private mileage,” said Keeley. They can also see their own driver behaviour scores, which is generating a lot of positive conversations around safer and more economical driving.”

In 2018, Lavazza acquired the Mars Drinks coffee business, gaining a presence in the business-to-business space and creating the Lavazza Professional division. The company is a supplier to some public sector organisations in London, so despite primarily running cars rather than commercial vehicles it still had to gain Silver standard accreditation to the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS).

“Fundamentally our requirement for trackers is simple in comparison to most,” said Keeley. “We need accurate mileage and fuel usage data, and also use them for security purposes in terms of preventing or deterring vehicle theft. However, by using Trakm8 we can also easily submit accurate emissions data to FORS.

“With Trakm8, people engage with the system so it has been a really positive move. We got a very good price compared to our previous vehicle tracking contract and the customer support is fantastic. The after-sales service is far superior – it was practically non-existent from our previous supplier.”

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