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Register for our webinar – Unlock the Power of Video Telematics on 13/07/23

Join our upcoming webinar “Unlock the Power of Video Telematics: Driver Smarter, Safer and More Efficiently,” on Thursday 13th July at 11am (BST), where industry experts will dive into the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the field. Joe Heidari, Trakm8’s in-house expert in Video Telematics, will provide a comprehensive background on this technology, setting the stage for an engaging discussion.

During the webinar, Joe will showcase the cutting-edge RH600 4G Integrated Telematics Camera and outline its features and benefits. Discover how this advanced solution can revolutionise your fleet management, enhance safety measures, and improve operational efficiency.

We’re thrilled to have Lee Howes, Head of Fleet & Passenger Services from Vertas Group Limited, and Jonathan Welch, Deputy Editor from Coach & Bus Week, joining us as special guests.

Jonathan Welch, the esteemed Deputy Editor, who will take the stage and introduce Coach and Bus Week. Jonathan brings his valuable perspective on video telematics and its transformative impact on the passenger transport industry.

As the host of our webinar, Jonathan will engage in insightful conversations with both Lee and Joe, emphasising the crucial role of video telematics in revolutionising passenger transport. With his thought-provoking questions, he will highlight the significance and benefits of incorporating video telematics into the industry.

We are delighted to have Lee Howes, representing Vertas, a leading passenger transport company, provide unique insights into their fleet operations. Lee will give an overview of Vertas, highlighting their fleet size, composition, and passenger transport services. Learn about their future goals and potential transition to electric vehicles, alongside other intriguing aspects of their business.

The webinar will delve into the impact of Video Telematics on Vertas, exploring their reasons for adopting this technology and the decision to choose the RH600. Discover the benefits Vertas have experienced adopting video telematics in their fleet.

Lee will discuss Vertas’ journey with video telematics, sharing the installation process, drivers’ reactions and feelings, and the subsequent driver training initiatives. Uncover the main benefits they have realised and understand why other passenger transport companies should seriously consider integrating video telematics into their operations.

Lastly, this webinar will feature specific case study examples that demonstrate how video telematics has transformed Vertas Fleet’s passenger transport operations. Real-world scenarios will showcase the tangible benefits and the positive impact on various aspects of fleet management.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from industry leaders and learn how video telematics can revolutionise your fleet operations. Register now for the Unlock the Power of Video Telematics: Driving Smarter, Safer & More Efficiently.

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