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Trakm8 launches the RH600 4G Telematics Integrated Camera

The combination of a camera and a telematics unit makes the costs associated with buying and fitting separate devices a thing of the past and RH600’s wealth of features truly position this camera as one of the most pioneering pieces of technology available to the fleet industry.

The RH600 can be used as a traditional dashcam with its dual-camera option, providing a 280-degree field of view and making simple work of gathering evidence in the event of a collision. The high-definition cameras can provide crystal clear footage from the driver’s perspective and hard evidence to defend claims of poor or distracted driving. The camera heads can be removed and positioned anywhere in the vehicle, providing the flexibility you need to monitor the driver, the road or your cargo.

As you would expect, the camera automatically records video of harsh events, but its real power lies in its ability to provide on-event videos or stills, and real-time streaming or historic video on-demand. For example, set the geofences alert and the camera will send you a video or photograph every time a site is entered, or simply request a video from a date and time last week to disprove an accident claim.

Unlike other telematics cameras, this isn’t just a camera with the ability to offer simple GPS location data. It uses the same technologies as our most sophisticated telematics unit so it provides a fully-featured telematics system with all the integrated functionality you’d expect from a Trakm8 product, all accessed from our intuitive telematics web portal.

In the same way that telematics data is accessible to a fleet manager in real-time, live video footage can also be obtained through the Trakm8 web portal. This feature allows fleet managers to prioritise the safety of drivers, passengers and other road users by performing spot checks on mobile phone use and even eating and drinking behind the wheel.

This complements the camera’s in-built driver behaviour monitoring data, which takes into account fuel-thirsty and high-risk behaviours such as harsh acceleration, heavy braking, cornering, and over revving.

Live footage combined with real-time location data can also be essential in providing accurate ETAs to customers and updating them of the reason behind a delay.

The footage can also be used to provide real-world driver coaching. Event-based coaching will continually improve employee’s driving behaviour, reducing risk and assisting in the reduction of accident rates and the costs associated with collisions.

As well as giving fleet managers an insight into their driver’s practices behind the wheel, drivers themselves are provided with real-time visual feedback their driving performance through an inbuilt LED display

Another feature that sets RH600 apart from similar cameras is its ability to predict vehicle failures before they happen. Trakm8’s leading diagnostic capabilities have been integrated into its functionality, offering vehicle health updates including diagnostic trouble codes and battery performance, fundamentally reducing the time and costs that surround the identification of underlying faults. The device also provides fleet managers with servicing and maintenance reminders to enable proactive servicing and repairs to reduce downtime and cost.

* In the coming months, our Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) algorithms will be added to the camera, with features such as driver fatigue alerts creating a new dimension to how fleet managers assess and lower risk among their drivers. RH600 will also provide forward collision warnings and act as a safe distance assistant.

If you are currently in a telematics contract, you can still benefit from all the features of the advanced camera system and we can simply turn on the telematics services at a later date.

If you would like to find out more about our telematics integrated camera solutions, fill out the short form below and one of our team will be in touch. Alternatively, call us on 0330 311 5157 or email us at

Trakm8's 4g telematics camera, the RH600

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