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Trakm8 partners with Thomas Graham in telematics overhaul

Trakm8 has partnered with long-standing steel and industrial supplies merchant Thomas Graham, in a bid to consolidate multiple services through the use of Trakm8’s leading telematics hardware and online platform.

The move will support Thomas Graham in modernising its fleet infrastructure for its 49-strong vehicle fleet, covering vans, HGVs and company cars. Trakm8’s RH600 dashcam telematics device and online Insight Optimisation platform will remove the need for Thomas Graham to purchase several different services, replacing these with a single platform that integrates seamlessly with vehicle hardware.

Mark Barron, Transport Manager at Thomas Graham explained: “For us, partnering with Trakm8 is about creating a more streamlined way of working, consolidating several systems into one while, at the same time, taking advantage of this technology to create more efficient route plans, monitor our fleet more effectively and overall, offer a better service to customers. We’re excited to be utilising the latest technologies on offer.”

Thomas Graham is currently installing Trakm8’s advanced RH600 device across its entire fleet of vehicles. Manufactured and designed in the UK, the RH600 is Trakm8’s most advanced device yet, offering cutting edge telematics technology with live video streaming, all in one device. The integrated telematics camera uses 4G-connectivity for instant, remote video download and utilises a multitude of sensors to monitor vehicle health and driving behaviour, working to drive down insurance premiums and other fleet costs.

Mark continued: “As a business where demand for particular goods can fluctuate on a day-by-day basis, we’re excited to be integrating Trakm8 Insight Optimisation into our business activity. This will really help us to replace what was previously an entirely manual process with one platform and allow us to assign drivers, vehicles and deliveries automatically, while also finding the most efficient route possible, saving on fuel costs.”

Peter Mansfield, Group Marketing Director at Trakm8, said: “We’re delighted to be adding another partner to the growing list of businesses that benefit from our telematics technology. Thomas Graham’s varied fleet showcases the versatility of the RH600 and our Insight Optimisation platform and will deliver countless benefits in terms of costs and driver safety.”

Thomas Graham

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